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What is an EdTechTeam Impact Lab?

An EdTechTeam Impact Lab is a 12 month program including a two-day high-energy event featuring Google for Education. This program is intended for individuals who are seeking to make an impact in education. Grounded on EdTechTeam’s School Change Honeycomb strands, the program will focus on areas such as courageous leadership, empowered educators, engaged community, and inspiring learning space.

The goal of this program is to create a network of empowered professionals who will in turn build local capacity in their regions by empowering educators with new skills, strategies, and best practices, further innovating the education practice.

Educators will answer the question, “what is your impact?” and develop a plan of action around this goal. Through a collaborative effort, attendees will aim towards putting their impact goals into action throughout the 6 – 8 months. Educators can expect support throughout this program from Google for Education Certified Trainers, Google Certified Innovators, and experts in the field of educational technology and professional development.

Goal: Empower Educators

Empowering the local community of educators leaving no teacher behind by providing support for building capacity.

Why? By building a strong network and community of empowered educators, every teacher will have the right set of skills and tools accessible to impact student learning.



An Impact Lab adopts the following School Change strands:

  • Courageous Leadership
  • Empowered Educators
  • Engaged Community
  • Learning Spaces

If you’re interested in hosting, partnering with us, or sponsoring an Impact Lab, contact Monica Martinez.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re looking to make a different in education and are tired of outdated teaching and learning practices, then this program is for you. Passionate self-driving educators should consider this program as a way to elevate their skill set and help empower other educators.

  • Courageous leaders and educators
  • Passionate teachers
  • Engaged parents and community members


Two-Day Event

An Impact Lab event combines the best of a summit and the best of a workshop to create a collaborative hands-on, minds-on, hard-fun experience. This mash-up will feature workshop style activities, inspiring keynote messages, on demand breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a Breakout Edu gaming learning experience.

Google+ Community

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from experts as well as peers throughout this program exposing them to innovative ideas that are impacting education around the world. Through a Google+ community, educators will benefit from feedback, resources shared, collaborative efforts, and more.

Impact Project Support
Educators can expect support for their Impact Projects via (not guaranteed nor limited to) funds, give-a-ways, resources, training materials, and other means depending on Impact Sponsorships for that region.


Step One: Google+ Community

This program kicks off with the Google+ Community postings where educators will network and collaborate on producing and sharing resources, ideas, and solutions to educational challenges.

Step Two: Impact Lab Event

The two-day Impact Lab will be a face-to-face event where attendees ramp up their skills and further define their Impact Projects.

Step Three: Deploy Impact Projects

Educators work towards fulfilling their impact project goals throughout the months following the Impact Lab event.

Step Four: Reflection and Assessment

Educators complete a survey and reflection blog reporting on their Impact Projects.

Step Five: Impact Lab event (opt)

Our hope is that inducted Impact Labers will continue their journey and attend a second Impact Lab event.

Cost Structure

Each Impact Lab will have its own cost structure based on the regional demands and financial challenges. An Impact Lab will be funded partially through attendee registration but mostly through sponsorships.

Attendee fee can range per person. This fee will include 2 days of professional development, continental breakfast, lunch and a snack for both days, support for Impact Projects, cost of certification exams, access to resources, and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Impact Sponsors empower educators to become change agents in their regions and beyond.

Research reveals that a one-time “drive-by,” or fragmented, “spray-and-pray” professional development session lasting 14 hours or less shows no statistically significant effect on student learning (Darling-Hammond, Wei, Andree, Richardson, and Orphanos, 2009).

Teachers who attend Impact Labs not only get two full days of high quality professional development in the area of educational technology, but they will receive ongoing support via experts and the Google+ community dedicated to this program.

To help us meet the goal of empowering educators, we work with amazing partners. Impact Sponsors are companies, foundations or individuals who provide financial donations used to support educators in emerging markets. Funds go towards educators receiving professional development opportunities, ongoing support, and teachers receiving devices for use in their classrooms.

Measure of Success

No program can continue successfully without consideration for revision and improvements. We will be tracking progress through a blog and will measure success through the project’s impact on teacher skill evolution and student learning. A variety of formats including reflections, teacher/student surveys, and other methods will be used for collecting feedback and assessing change.

If you’re interested in learning more, hosting, partnering with us, or sponsoring an Impact Lab, contact Monica Martinez, or click on the request button below.

EdTechTeam is an official Google for Education Professional Development Partner.
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