International Schools

The EdTechTeam is a global network of educational technologists that provides professional development, consulting, and organizational change services to international schools. Our director of international education, Wendy Gorton, was a teacher and international school technology integrator herself (in India). We know what an innovative group of educators international teachers are - and we know they have unique educational technology needs.

Our team provides the following services to international schools:

Presentations, & Keynotes 
Online and Mobile Learning 
Coordination of PD Programs

Curriculum Development
Educational Technology Planning 
Grant Writing 
Project Management 
Program Coordination
Product Development

Needs Assessments and Recommendations 
Infrastructure Upgrades 
Migrations to Paperless Systems 
Cloud Computing
The Whole Package of IT and Ed Tech Organizational Change

Custom Services

We are a nimble organization, able to be flexible and responsive to our clients' needs. Our services can be scaled up or back as necessary, and we are experienced in developing custom services based on client requests.

You can learn more about our most popular programs at the pages below:

Google Apps EDU Certified Training:
iPad for Educators Workshops:
Sample Workshop Resources:

NEW: Host a Google Apps for Education Summit in your country!

Online Request Form:

The request form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review. Even if you're not ready just yet to fill it out, you might look it over to get a better idea what information will be required to move forward. 

Contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information.

NEW for 2012: We donate 5% of our net income 
to put devices in the hands of students.