Starfire Learning Studios

Existing schools are not leveraging the best technologies and learning theories available. More importantly, current schools are not designed for individuals. Too many students are bored and unmotivated to learn. This is more than a nation-wide issue; it's a global issue - it's a human issue.

What would school look like if it were invented from scratch today?

Starfire Learning Studios are an answer to this question. They provide access to the best learning technologies available, and to online learning networks of peers and experts, including a global marketplace of innovative educators. The online spaces are reflections of the physical space in each learning center; it is a very human place to learn, as well suited to relaxation and fun as it is to deep and creative thought. 

What do you want to learn?

Starfire Learning Studios focus on helping students answer this question, and then giving them the tools they need to do something about it. Research skills are emphasized, and students are guided to connect with experts around the globe as part of their exploration of a new interest. Individual learning plans include an element of synthesis, demonstrations of mastery, and (most importantly) a focus on creating or doing something that makes a difference in the real world. This is passion-based learning with purpose. 

Social, Global, and Green

Starfire Learning Studios are social in every sense of the word. They bring a community of learners together - on a local scale and on a global scale. They tap into the best of social media, and they focus on tackling the challenges of important social issues. As students explore their passions, they are encouraged to discover meaningful and creative pursuits focused on positive social change. With today's technology, community service is no longer restricted to a local neighborhood; students can reach out to make a difference (and even save lives) around the globe. In addition, each studio is an example of how the best in ergonomics and the best in environmentally responsible design can come together to make an inspiring workspace - and play space.

The Technology

Starfire Leaning Studios take advantage of the cutting edge technologies easily available to students today. Mobile devices of all kinds are welcome at the center - and work well with the online Starfire Learning Network. If a student needs a mobile device, one is inexpensively bundled with membership. Cloud services such as Google Apps and a custom Social Network are the foundation of collaboration within the Starfire community (and with the outside world). Games and simulations make it possible for students to gain understandings and learn skills that are difficult to teach in traditional settings. The flexible space of the studio also supports a wide variety of technologies that meet individual student interests, from robotics to video editing - and even physical pursuits, such as yogo or dance.

Starfire Learning Studios Are
  • Individualized
  • Collaborative
  • Passion-Based
  • Project-Based
  • Learning-by-Doing
  • 1:1 Teaching and Learning
  • Constructivist Learning Environments
  • Human Spaces
  • Hubs for Online & Real World Activity (Including F2F Classes, Special Events, and Field Trips)

Starfire Learning Studios Are NOT
  • Remediation, Test Prep, or College Prep
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • Independent Work
  • For Everybody


Membership in the Starfire Learning Studio after-school program (or supplemental programs for home-school, private school, or charter school students) is $200 per month or $2000 per year (for 12 months). Tuition for the full-time program is $1200 per month or $12,000 per year (for 12 months). If you are interested in learning more about the Starfire Learning Studios and the Starfire Learning Network, please fill out the form below. We are interested in hearing from potential members (both students and parents) and from anyone interested in bringing a Starfire Learning Studio to their own community. 

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