Create A Calendar Event from a Form Submission

A couple of weeks ago, someone posted asking if you could use a Form 
to automatically create a 
calendar event.  I realized this would be 
very useful at our school, so I tried to make it work--with great 

I first created a Form which asks all the relevant questions (date, 
time, name, location, etc.), and I then wrote a script which creates a 
calendar event based on that data. 

Here is the link to the live form 

Here is a link to the spreadsheet: 

(sorry for the long link, not sure how to shorten this one without 
losing the authentication key) 

Here is a link to the calendar: 

If you would like to view the script that does all the work, from the 
spreadsheet open the Script Editor (Tools->Scripts menu). 

All three of these documents (form, sheet, calendar) are not actually 
being used for anything, so feel free to play around with them.  Just 
be careful, there is a limit to how many events you can create this 
way in a day (although it appears to be around 500 or so). 

I hope people find this useful!  If you want direct sharing access to 
any of this stuff just send me your email and I'll add you.