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2011-08-03 Social Flow for Educators at CUE Rockstar

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

This session focuses on an introduction to Google Plus, and how to integrate it with Twitter and Facebook. Participants will be challenged to establish a "socialflow" (as opposed to "workflow"), to manage their professional online presence, and to grow their online personal learning network.

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Introduction to Google Plus
Post your public Google Plus posts to Twitter (or Facebook) using and (or ).
Post any Google Plus post to Facebook using Start Google Plus

Establish Your "Social Flow"
Manage Your Professional Online Presence
Grow Your Online Personal Learning Network (See Below...)

Early Google+ Resources


Google+ For Educators (Livebinder)

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Additional PLN Resources

Personal learning is one of the foundations of any successful school - and an element of any successful organizational change. This session focuses on tools that can be used by online teachers to build their own Personal Learning Network (PLN), which can not only support their own professional development but can also be an efficient means of diffusing innovation within their organizations. Learn to connect with a community of like minded professionals, make contributions, have conversations, and make requests in your times of need. Powerful free tools and social media make this possible for you and your district.

Presentation Slides

EdTechTeam PLNs for Online Teachers at OTC11

As we discussed, these slides (and all original materials on this page) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, in keeping with our copyright policy.

Welcome Question

  • Who makes up your learning network?

Learning to Network & Networking to Learn

Two-Way Web Stories

Learning to Network & Networking to Learn

  • Make Connections
  • Make Contributions
  • Make Conversation
  • Make Requests

Getting Started

Reflection Question

  • How do you plan to expand your learning network?

Online Evaluation (A Google Form!)