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2011-12-01 iPad for Educators at CLS South

iPads change the way teachers and students access the web, share media, and learn on the go. Fun hands-on activities and opportunities to explore new Apps make this session a highlight of the conference. Everyone will edit a video, annotate an ebook, and collaborate on an online doc. An overview of mobile learning in the classroom, cutting-edge 1:1 programs, and volume licensing for education will also be included. Best of all, participants each receive a 16 GB wifi iPad to take with them when they leave! 

Note: All of the accounts and apps we'll use during the workshop are free, but some may require a credit card for registration.

Image courtesy of nooccar via Flickr.


Welcome Activity (15)

Facetime Demo (or Skype Demo)
GarageBand Demo ($4.99 from Apple)

Apple's Official iPad in Education Site:
Discussion: What does this device mean for education?

Overview of iPad 2 (15)
What's in the box?
Setting Up the iPad
Hardware Controls
Software Controls
Getting Online
iTunes Accounts
How to create an iTunes Account (Simple and Recommended): 
How to create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card (A Bit More Complicated): 
Syncing with iTunes
iTunes U
iTunes App Store
Volume Licensing for Schools

Activity 1: Create a Video (30)
Download the Splice App for iOS (Note: this is optimized for iPhone, but works well on iPad.)
Shoot some video!
Interview three colleagues: How might you use an iPad in your roll as an educator?
Edit the video.

BONUS: Export your project to your camera roll. Then upload it to YouTube.

Optional: Check out AnimotoVimeo, or Apple's iMovie for 4.99

Activity 2: Annotate an eBook (30)
The End of Books? (Blog Post)
Create an account at or login.
Download the Kindle App for iPad.
Register your kindle (from inside the app).
Search for "public library" in the text.
Annotate something important in his story about establishing the Philadelphia Public Library
View your annotations online at

BONUS: Search your annotations, and cut-and-paste them... or save and share them using another service, like Evernote. :)

Optional: Check out Apple's iBooks for free too. (Link may not work.)

Activity 3: Edit a Google Doc (30)
Editing Google Docs on The Go (Blog Post & Video)
Create an account at or login.
Visit on the iPad.
Open a document and click edit. 
Your work is automagically saved in "the cloud." It is backed up and you can access it from any web browser.
Try collaborative editing with us using this demo document

BONUS: Click on the downward chevron and select "use desktop version" to have access to additional features.

Optional: Try creating a Form, which can easily be filled out on an iPad (for custom walk throughs or rubrics).

More Activities: Elective (15)
Visit and browse for something relevant to you or your students.
BONUS: You might also want to try Google Translate!

Reflection Activity (15)
How do you plan to use the iPad in your role as an educator?
How do you plan to use it with students?

Additional Resources:
Check out these slide decks by Cheryl Davis, Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher:
A Community effort to Grade Educational Apps:
More (from CUE's iPad in Education workshops):

Longer Version of the Workshop (with More Activities and Resources)