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EdTechTeam has ended development and support for Whisper, and it has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. The extension remains functional for existing users on an ‘as is’ basis for a limited time.

I don’t like yelling at students, but I used to do it all the time, and maybe you do, too.

I’m not referring to yelling at them from a disciplinary standpoint, I am referring to yelling to get their attention. Perhaps you employ the tried-and-true strategy of the countdown from five to get student attention, or even the “clap once if you can hear me” method? I did all of that, and more, to try and get students’ attention when they were busily working. You see, I learned that a classroom full of students excitedly working can be loud.

There are times when you legitimately need to communicate to a group of students while they are busy working, but interrupting them and forcing them to listen to your announcement can be problematic from a cognitive standpoint. When students are cognitively engaged in a task and they are forced to disengage to attend to a teacher announcement, there is a cognitive “hit”. Students will have to ramp back up to the task at hand, and their efficiency and work suffer.

To help mitigate this challenge, we are releasing Whisper by EdTechTeam. Whisper is a free Chrome extension that lets teachers message their class as whole or individual students without interrupting the work. Notifications show up on the student machine as a browser notification that can be viewed in the moment or any time later. For convenience, the student also receives the message by email.

Whisper setup is a breeze, as it connects to Google Classroom and imports data so you’re ready to go in a flash. Simply install Whisper, click it, authenticate and watch it load.

We hope Whisper helps you communicate with your students more efficiently and effectively, without interrupting the work.

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/love_maritza/5838154684

Chris Craft
Director or Partnerships

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