Screenshade: An Extension from EdTechTeam

We have a holiday gift for you!

At a recent EdTechTeam Summit, I was talking with a few teachers about extensions they wished existed. One teacher mentioned that when working with students on math, she loves having them write an answer on a personal whiteboard and show it to her. I’ve seen this in action and always thought it looked like a fun way to engage kids and do quick answer checks.

The trouble, she relayed, was that she spends so much time hiding and displaying the answers that it wasn’t a terribly efficient process, especially if a student needed personalized help. She wished there was a way to cover the answer and have it automatically show after a certain period of time.

Enter ScreenShade, the newest extension in the EdTechTeam Extension cadre. ScreenShade gives you the ability to cover a portion of the screen or the entire screen easily at whatever size you like. Optionally, you can set a timer to have the overlay disappear automatically.

Install ScreenShade on our EdTechTeam Extensions page at and be sure to like our Product Development Facebook page for updates on our extensions including a BIG announcement in January!


Chris Craft
Director of Partnerships



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