Lindsay Wesner Bio

About Lindsay

Lindsay is a passionate education visionary with vast experience assisting others in adapting to, and thriving in, technology-rich classroom environments. She begun her career as a creative, engaging, and innovative English, Afrikaans, Geography, and Life Orientation teacher and later progressed to management and teacher training in her capacity as EdTech Innovation Leader at Parklands College. Lindsay claimed the ‘iTeacher’ Award at the Apple in Education Awards in both 2015 and 2016 as well as the 2016 EduWeek ‘Teacher of Tomorrow’ Award for her outstanding contribution to the South Africa education sector. Lindsay is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Google Certified Trainer who is currently reading her Masters in Education at Stellenbosch University and working for CloudEd Solutions as their Senior Innovation Coach. She continues to pride herself in being at the forefront of the implementation of educational technologies in South African classrooms and beyond, living to inspire and empower teachers to confidently navigate the changing educational landscape.