50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom

By Patrick Green

YouTube is a dynamic tool for learning that meets students where they are. This book offers succinct, applicable, practical, and flexible strategies and lessons for…

  • Finding educational content that aligns to teaching goal
  •  Differentiating and extending learning
  • Increasing creativity in the classroom
  • Providing authentic opportunities for demonstrating knowledge
  • Offering meaningful reflection on learning
  • Engaging students in creating their own personalized pathways

Our students are already accessing YouTube. It just makes sense to meet them where they are as consumers of information and to utilize the tools they choose to maximize understanding in ways that matter. This accessible guide will improve your teaching, your students’ learning, and your classroom culture.

About the Author

Patrick Green

Patrick Green

Patrick just completed his 20th year in education and is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator and YouTube Star Teacher. He recently moved back to Washington State to embark on a year of personalized learning with his family after spending the last 14 years teaching, learning, and leading in international schools in Asia and Europe.

Most recently, Patrick was the Education Technology Coordinator and the Site Director for the Global Online Academy at Singapore American School, where he partnered with students, parents, and over 100 teachers in integrating technology into their learning lives in meaningful ways so that all stakeholders use current tools to create, collaborate, communicate, and critically think.

What People are Saying

This book provides terrific ways to rethink the defaults for how teachers and learners consume and create YouTube content. Patrick has packed in many practical and innovative approaches that can help deliver impactful learning experiences. Recommended.
Dr. Reshan Richards, chief learning officer, Explain Everything

Learning is a growing genre on YouTube. Each day, YouTube receives over one billion views on learning-related videos. Patrick’s book extensively guides the reader through the process of starting and optimising an educational YouTube channel. This book provides teachers with a unique opportunity to enrich their students’ learning using best practices from one of the most popular online video platforms. Sanoop Luke, lead, YouTube Learning, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia

Wowsa! Every teacher needs this book! Patrick lays out using YouTube in such a way that it seems easy. His YouTube channel really brings the text to life with tutorial videos. The lessons I’ve learned from this book have inspired my teaching and reinvigorated my role as a facilitator and educator. — Leena Flagel Middle School Teacher

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