Dive into Inquiry

Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice

By Trevor MacKenzie
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Want to make learning more meaningful in your classroom?  Looking to better prepare your students for the world of tomorrow?  Keen to help learners create authentic connections to the world around them?  Dive into Inquiry beautifully marries the voice and choice of inquiry with the structure and support required to optimise learning for students and get the results educators desire.  With Dive into Inquiry you’ll gain an understanding of how to best support your learners as they shift from a traditional learning model into the inquiry classroom where student agency is fostered and celebrated each and every day.  This book strikes a perfect balance of meaningful pedagogy, touching narrative, helpful processes, original student examples, and rich how-to lesson plans all to get you going on bringing inquiry into your classroom.  

After reading this book educators will feel equipped to design their own inquiry units in a scaffolded manner that promote a gradual shift of control of learning from the teacher to the learner.  Exploring student passions, curiosities, and interests and having these shape essential questions, units of study, and performance tasks are all covered in this powerful book.  Learn to keep track of the many inquiry topics in your classroom and have students take ownership over their learning like never before!

Trevor MacKenzie provides readers with a strong understanding of the Types of Student Inquiry and proposes a framework that best prepares both educators and learners for sharing the unpacking of curriculum in the classroom as they work together towards co-constructing a strong Free Inquiry unit.  Helpful illustrations for in-class use, examples of essential questions from a variety of disciplines, practical goals for making progress in adopting inquiry into your practice, and powerful student learning on display throughout, Dive into Inquiry will energize, inspire, and transform your classroom!

About the Author

Mark Wagner

Trevor MacKenzie

Trevor MacKenzie is an award winning English teacher, Instructional Coach (focusing on inquiry and technology), and graduate student from Victoria, BC, Canada who believes that it is a magical time to be an educator. By increasing student agency over learning, weaving in strong pedagogy, transformative tech use, and sharing learning to a public audience, Trevor’s learners are ready to take on important roles in the 21st century.

Trevor uses technology to enhance his teaching as he experiments with the flipped classroom, inquiry-based learning, iPad Ed, and exploring student blogging as a means to reflect on learning. He strives to make learning public and meaningful and support innovation and connection amongst educators.

Trevor is the author of Dive into Inquiry published in the summer of 2016 by EdTech Team Press.

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What People are Saying

This book is important! MacKenzie has written a powerful argument for inquiry learning to form the basis for twenty-first-century education. He offers detailed explanation as to why this approach is crucial in the current world economic climate. His useful classroom examples from his own experience and around the world will help any teacher implement new student-driven learning. The empowerment of young people to be agents of their own learning is the most pressing issue in this rapidly changing world and MacKenzie has created a blueprint to ensure this happens.  —Richard Wells, author or A Learner’s Paradise, Deputy Principal, Orewa College, New Zealand

Dive into Inquiry has quickly become my favorite how-to book on inquiry-based learning. Filled with practical examples and solid structures that I know I can implement immediately, it has left me convinced that I really can create the kind of learning space that my students deserve. It is an approachable read that will change both your thinking and your practice for the better. —Bill Ferriter, teacher, author, education consultant, USA

Trevor MacKenzie has written a fascinating book which takes the theory of inquiry-based learning and explores the practicalities needed to put the approach into successful operation. His passionate argument is underpinned by a deep understanding of the importance of feedback, pupils owning their own learning, and the need for clarity of outcome from the outset. I particularly like the graduated approach to developing inquiry learning. Too often this approach fails because pupils have not been taught nor mastered the skills necessary to successfully undertake such an approach. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the power of pupil-centred approaches to learning.  —Andy Buck, teacher, author, and founder of Leadership Matters and #honk, fellow of the RSA, England

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