The HyperDoc Handbook

Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps

By Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, & Sarah Landis
HyperDoc Handbook

Want to redefine learning? Looking to better utilize devices? Eager to maximize facetime in the classroom? HyperDocs are the solution to personalized instruction using technology in today’s modern classroom. They provide innovative ways to engage students and package digital lessons on a Google Doc. The HyperDoc Handbook is a practical reference guide for all K-12 educators looking to transform their teaching into blended learning environments. This book strikes a perfect balance between pedagogy and how-to tips, while also providing several lesson plans to get you going. After reading this handbook, educators will feel equipped to design their own HyperDocs using both Google Apps and the myriad of web tools available online.

About the Author

Lisa Highfill

Lisa Highfill

Kelly Hilton

Kelly Hilton

Kelly Hilton

Kelly Hilton

Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill) is an Instructional Technology Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her masters in Educational Technology Leadership and has been a classroom teacher for over 20 years. As a Google Certified Innovator, and a YouTube Star Teacher, she travels the country presenting at edtech conferences and speaking about lesson design and learning theory. Lisa is the co-creator and co-author of The HyperDoc Handbook.

Kelly Hilton (@kellyihilton) taught in the classroom for 15 years and is currently an Instructional Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. As a teacher, her classroom served as a laboratory for educators to observe reading/writing workshop and blended learning. She recently earned a masters in Educational Leadership and shares her learning at Kelly is dedicated to coaching K-12 teachers daily in all subject areas on student-centered instructional design and delivery practices.

Kelly is an educator, author, and advocate for equitable instructional and teacher development. She specializes in instructional coaching and technology integration creating optimal learning environments to meet the needs of diverse learners. Kelly is the co-creator of HyperDoc Digital Lesson Design using Google Apps for Education, co-author of The HyperDoc Handbook, co-founder of Schoogle, a digital literacy camp, and serves on the board of Elimu Safari, an international educational exchange program for teachers.

Sarah Landis (@sarahlandis) is an Instructional Coach in the Bay Area, California with over 17 years of experience in education. She has a Masters in Curriculum from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a co-creator of HyperDocs, and co-author of The HyperDoc Handbook, but really just loves geeking out with teachers about lesson design and theory. Sarah currently shares her passion for global literacy, digital storytelling, and blended learning with learners of all ages!

What People are Saying

The HyperDoc Handbook is an indispensable guide for any educator interested in effectively embracing and integrating HyperDocs into the learning process. Read this book. It’s compelling, accessible and filled with tips and insights. – Cindy Johanson, Executive Director, Edutopia

When I first saw the HyperDocs concept, I knew it was a game-changer. Teachers are looking for strategies to harness the potential of digital technologies, but through powerful pedagogy and practice. The HyperDoc Handbook gives educators a how-to guide to create authentic learning experiences – utilizing Google Apps – that allows them to shift their role from knowledge-disseminator to facilitator and guide. This allows teachers to personalize learning for students, while giving students the reigns to drive their own learning…while integrating technology in a meaningful way. – Kelly Mendoza, Director of Professional Development, Common Sense Education

We all want our students to be creative and collaborative problem solvers who have a passion for inquiry and lifelong learning! HyperDocs is a way to help students build these skills and in this book, the authors have laid out an easy to follow implementation strategy and how to guide to make the use of HyperDocs pain free and easy! – Jaime Casap, Google Education Evangelist

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