The Martians in Your Classroom

STEM in Every Learning Space

By: Rachael Mann & Stephen Sandford
The Martians in Your Classroom

The first person to step foot on the red planet has already been born and could be on your class roster! But the Martians in Your Classroom is more than a book about space. It is a metaphor for the future of education and where we need to drive the learning spaces in order to equip students for a world that ultimately, they will create. Explore the forecasted advances in the world around us and how these changes should be reflected in our teaching practices.

About the Author

Rachael Mann

Rachael Mann

Stephen Sanford

Stephen Sanford

Rachael Mann is the founder of #TeachlikeTED and coauthor of The Martians in Your Classroom. She speaks and writes about the future of education and helps educators rethink the learning spaces of today. Prior to #TeachlikeTED, Rachael was the Network to Transform Teaching and STEM Director for Northern Arizona University’s AZK12 Center and State Director for EdRising Arizona. A former high school Career and Technical Education teacher, she has 14 years of classroom teaching experience. Rachael is a Google Certified Educator with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She is a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education and serves on the NCLA Executive Board.

Stephen Sandford spent 28 years as an engineer and researcher at NASA, including senior assignments at Johnson Space Center and NASA headquarters. As Director for Space Technology and Exploration at NASA’s Langley Research Center, he led teams of engineers, researchers, and mission architects to enable human space exploration. Currently System Engineering Director at Stinger, Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc., his work spans a range of space challenges, from asteroid utilization to space policy. He has degrees in physics, electrical engineering, and optical science. Jay Heinrichs is the bestselling author of Thank You for Arguing.

What People are Saying

Space and education go together like no other subject. There are so many lessons to learn and so many ways to incorporate aspects of Space exploration into our curriculum. Rachael Mann and Stephen Sandford have laid out a masterful and easy way to take these ideas and open up young learners’ minds everywhere! — Jaime Casap, education evangelist at Google

The Martians in Your Classroom is overflowing with authentic, practical, and engaging ways to empower creative thinking and student voice in the modern classroom. Mann and Sandford have crafted an inspiring read for every educator on the mission to foster student empathy through global communication. — Dr. Charlie Miller, founder of Flipgrid, professor at the University of Minnesota

The Martians in Your Classroom takes a powerfully unique spin on STEM in our schools and leaves educators feeling inspired and well equipped to toss out the over-prescribed and over-standardized learning conditions many of our students endure. — Trevor MacKenzie, author of Inquiry Mindset and Dive into Inquiry

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