The Space

A Guide for Educators

By Rebecca Louise Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon

SPACE is a beautifully designed book that respects that reading and learning can happen in a visually appealing way. Hare and Dillon walk educators through a series of questions and ideas on how learning spaces can support collaboration, creation, showcasing learning, and a learner’s need for quiet. In addition to nudging thinking forward, SPACE provides practical design tips and uses images and testimonials for hacking learning spaces on a realistic budget. This book is designed to motivate, grow capacity, and energize educators to begin shifting their learning spaces to support modern learning for all students.

About the Author

Rebecca Louise Hare

Rebecca Louise Hare

Dr. Robert Dillon

Dr. Robert Dillon

Rebecca Louise Hare is currently a design specialist and science teacher with Gulliver Schools, and a learning space designer. Rebecca has a BFA in industrial design from The European Design Institute in Milan, Italy and a M.A.T. in art from Fontbonne University, St. Louis. She worked in Italy for ten years as a design consultant and creative director, creating spaces and designing products (from MRI machines and coffee makers to hair brushes) for global companies before becoming fascinated with education. She found that the young designers she was hiring were struggling with solving problems and thinking critically. This brought her back to the United States to study education. Her master’s thesis focused on design thinking, evaluating, and enhancing creativity through the study of design and art. She has collaborated with a number of schools, designing learning spaces that enhance student learning. Rebecca continues facilitating learning environments and experiences that support design, design thinking and student agency. She presents on Makerspaces and the Maker Movement, creativity, and learning space design. Rebecca, her husband, and two children can be found at the beach early on the weekends, in the pool if they can’t make it to the beach, and if it’s summer, visiting family in Italy.

Dr. Robert Dillon serves the Director of Innovative Learning for the School District of University City. Prior to this position, he served as a teacher and administrator in schools throughout the Saint Louis area. Dr. Dillon has a passion to change the educational landscape by building excellent engaging schools for all students. He looks for ways to ignite positive risk taking and release trapped wisdom into the system by growing networks of inspired educators. Dr. Dillon has had the opportunity to speak throughout at local, state, and national conferences as well as share his ideas in a variety of publications.

What People are Saying

This book was beautiful, the only way I could explain the way it is written. When I received it in the mail, my son asked, “is this one of those activity books for grown up?” Yes it is, son.
But the book was not only designed in a way that was pleasing to the eye, it really got me thinking. I kept reflecting on my many classrooms and I could see how some of the classroom worked and others didn’t. Anyone that has a say in learning spaces, from teachers to librarians to building admins, please take the time to read this book. – Amanda Dykes, teacher, Jefferson County (AL)

The Space is more than just a guide for educators, it is a true handbook for rearranging our thoughts and understanding of how space impacts learning. With a student-centered approach, Hare and Dillon weave us through a beautiful and visually rich journey to making learning space more empowering, meaningful, and inspiring. This is a must-read for any school or educator that wants to elevate their space to reach the true needs of their students. – Jenna Criscuoli, teacher leader, Baltimore Public Schools (MD)

One part workbook, three parts philosophy, SPACE helps educators develop the mindset necessary to re-imagining our learning spaces. There are easily as many questions asked as there are ideas provided, making this the sort of book one needs in the middle of summer, at the close of a ranking period, at the beginning of a district workshop. Bob and Rebecca challenge us all to think with intention and collaborate with purpose when it comes to where our students learn. With SPACE they have provided an exceptional guide for so doing. SPACE delivers a framework for transforming learning environments with intention, purpose, philosophy and practicality. – Dan Ryder, teacher, Mt. Blue School District (ME)

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