Transforming Libraries

A Toolkit for Innovators, Makers, and Seekers

By Ron Starker

“Why do we need libraries when we have Google?”

Today’s libraries are in jeopardy. And yes, perhaps if libraries were only book warehouses, we wouldn’t need them. But libraries can be so much more than a place to check out books. In the Digital Age, it’s more important than ever for libraries to evolve into gathering points for collaboration, spaces for innovation, and places where authentic learning occurs. Transforming Libraries proposes a new role for librarians and for libraries—one that offers patrons places to think, to explore, to create, and problem-solve together. Rather than the quiet dusty hall of decades past, Ron Starker reveals ways to make libraries makerspaces, innovation centers, community commons, and learning design studios that engage multiple forms of intelligence. Packed with almost 500 tools and resources, Transforming Libraries offers real-life examples of how to turn libraries into intelligently designed centers that are essential for today’s schools. “Transforming Libraries offers a revolutionary approach for libraries of the future.

About the Author

Ron Starker

Ron Starker

On a trip back to my home state of Oregon, I was visiting with a public librarian on the Oregon coast; when I mentioned that I was a school librarian she said “you must not be from around here.” I was surprised and asked her why. She replied, “Oh all the school libraries have been closed in these counties due to lack of funding.” That conversation confirmed a suspicion that I have held for a long time; libraries are in jeopardy. We need to rebrand and remix our services to provide access to information along with tools and support for content creation.

Ron Starker has worked in schools and libraries in Oregon, Hawaii, Brussels, Vienna and Singapore as a teacher, counselor, school psychologist and librarian. “I love books and reading, but I am equally passionate about designing learning spaces for all types of learners. This book describes the Why, What and How involved in changing a traditional library into a unique center for innovation.”

What People are Saying

Transforming Libraries offers a revolutionary approach for libraries of the future. This is a crucial and timely book. – Ying Compestine, author of Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

I have had the good fortune of watching Ron Starker in action at the Singapore American School, and his library is electric! His book is a must-read. – Chris Crutcher, author of The Crazy Horse Electric Game

As the role of the library is starting to be questioned in an ever-evolving world. Ron Starker’s Transforming Libraries provides an effective blueprint for the library space revolution that is coming our way. A must-read! – Sean Thomas, anchor/correspondent for International News Channel RT

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