An Educator’s Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure

By: Micah Shippee, Ph.D

Our journey in education is one of constant iteration, managing change both personally and professionally is what we have to do because the world is changing. WanderlustEDU is a book about that change.

In WanderlustEDU we learn to appreciate the journey we are on in education by revisiting our core purposes for doing what we do, and by learning about what lies ahead. Navigating change is difficult for anyone, but when it comes to navigating those changes on behalf of our students’ future there is a special onus to do it right.

WanderlustEDU is a great read for anyone who works in this state of change as a teacher, a coach, or as an administrator. This book focuses on the most important aspect of change: the people… who together form a culture perfectly capable of innovating. No matter the scale, successfully innovating means understanding the effects of change on ourselves and those around us. Without a clear understanding of what change does to people, we can end up surrounding ourselves in an anxious, frustrated, trapped, and apathetic school culture.

We must understand that to successfully innovate, it is always about the people who have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding change.

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Are you ready for a roadmap of how to amplify your next Professional Development workshop? Micah shares how you can use Game Theory to enhance your next workshop. Your workshop is the first step in creating change and innovation in your district.

About the Author

Micah Shippee

Micah Shippee

Dr. Micah Shippee is an innovative ‘ideas’ person who thinks outside the box. Micah wears many hats as a Middle School Social Studies teacher, a technology trainer, and professor. He regularly explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and leverages emergent technology to achieve educational goals. Very early in his career, Micah discovered the secret to increased student motivation, a more productive learning environment, a better fit for future job preparedness, all while achieving his mandated content objectives and goals… the secret? Effective and Efficient Technology Integration.

What People are Saying

WanderlustEDU is a challenging call for educators to grow, change, and innovate so we can provide the best possible education for our students. Thankfully it is also a helpful guide to lead us along each step of this journey.  — Eric Curts, Technology Integrationist, ControlAltAchieve.com

Micah is a true leader in innovation and emergent technology, but he also has both feet firmly planted in education. His years of teaching combined with his extensive research in innovation adoption make for a great mix of practical advice informed by solid educational theory. I highly recommend WanderlustEDU for anyone who wants to prepare their classroom or school for the future of education, as well as for anyone leading a book study group in the education space. I’m grateful to Micah for championing the value of innovation and technology not for their own sake, but the sake of our students and the future. — Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools, Washington, D.C.

Micah Shippee leads us on the journey to developing an innovativeness mindset, which he describes as the “skill and imagination to create continually.” Shippee provides the pedagogical reasoning and practical methods to help us take risks, iterate our practice, make meaningful use of technology, and learn to support our colleagues and schools as they move towards this same goal. Shippee’s book is perfect for a PLC or book study for those who want to move ahead with change!  — Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist

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