EdTechTeam Bootcamps are ticketed events uniquely designed for schools and districts to host but can also be private events for one school or district to host in-house. Each Bootcamp has a minimum of 25 attendees with a maximum of 30 and includes lunch. EdTechTeam sends expertly trained facilitators to help teachers not merely learn tools but discover new educational possibilities and purposeful lesson design for their students and for themselves.

Get prepared to earn your Level 1 or Level 2 Google Certification virtually!

Scroll below to find G Suite Bootcamps for Educators, Administrators, and Clerical/Classified Staff.

Google Certification Bootcamps for Educators


Level 1 Certification Bootcamp

Explore the core areas of G Suite to increase professional learning and leadership; efficiency in the classroom; and student learning and creativity. We’ll explore several tools in Google’s Level 1 curriculum, all of which are taught within the context of meaningful use with students and teachers. Segments include the Chrome browser, search techniques, and Google Classroom… as well as Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, Calendar, Sites and Groups. Gmail, Hangouts, and YouTube are also included. In addition to the tools, participants are exposed to critical student skill sets necessary for learning in an online environment.

There’s no better preparation for taking the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam than this two-day Bootcamp. Registration includes a voucher for the Level 1 exam.

Note: Graduate credit is available in conjunction with our Level 1 Bootcamps for an extra fee.


Level 2 Certification Bootcamp

Google’s Certified Educator Level 2 focuses on meaningful and creative ways to integrate the 4Cs in the classroom. Level 2 teaches the advanced features of G Suite including HyperDocs using Google Docs, Maps and MyMaps for geo-instruction and virtual field trips; digital portfolios with Google Sites; and using screencasting techniques for developing learning libraries in YouTube and more. Level 2 is the perfect place for teachers who are ready to try something new and engaging in their classrooms all while preparing them for Google’s Certified Educator Level 2 exam.

Level 2 is a one-day or a two-day model and registration includes a voucher code to take the exam as well as access to EdTechTeam’s Level 2 Signature Resource Library. Level 1 Certification is highly recommended before attending Level 2.

Note: Graduate credit is available in conjunction with our Level 2 Bootcamps for an extra fee.


Certified Trainer Bootcamp

Go beyond Level 1 and Level 2 and get your Google Certified Trainer Certification. Google’s much anticipated redesign of their program goes far beyond content and provides to-be Trainers with solid expertise in learning and teaching strategies for 21st Century education. Trainer Bootcamp attendees explore how to engage adult learners while learning how to build short- and long-term site professional development plans. While the certification is Google-based, the training knowledge attendees gain can be applied to any platform for professional development needs. Attendees leave this two-day Bootcamp with a toolkit of learning activities, personalization strategies, and original resources to immediately implement in their own trainings at the site, district, or consultant level. Even better? Time is given to take the Trainer Essentials Exam in the Bootcamp plus attendees begin work on their applications with a professional mentor to guide them.

Note: Level 1 and Level 2 Certification are mandatory prerequisites for registering and attending this Bootcamp.

G Suite for Administrators


Learning and Leading Administrator

This one-day event explores frameworks that help administrators recognize effective and purposeful technology integration in classrooms. In particular, participants are introduced to the SAMR and 4Cs models while coaching techniques and evaluation methods are also discussed and practiced. The afternoon focuses on administrative uses of Google Tools such as: Gmail, Calendar, Forms/Spreadsheets, and the basics of Docs. Administrators leave this session with a solid understanding of how to support teachers in an ever-changing world and use Google Tools to increase work efficiency.

G Suite for Clerical | Classified


Clerical | Classified

This one-day event provides clerical/classified staff an overview of how to use the G Suite within the context of their work. Participants explore best practices with Gmail, Calendar, Forms and Spreadsheets – along with basics in Google Apps such as sharing settings and collaboration. Also on the docket, Chrome and the Chrome Web Store, including apps and extensions for the Chrome Browser that make anyone’s work easier and more efficient.

Educators! Ready for the Next Step? Check out our Hyperdoc Bootcamp!


HyperDoc Bootcamp:
Create and Customize Lessons for Your Classroom Curriculum

HyperDocs are innovative digital lessons capable of shifting the student learning experience. With HyperDocs, teachers maximize face time with students, better utilize devices, meet standards, and personalize instruction for any and all students. During this full day session, teachers learn how to leverage the G Suite and effectively use various web tools to become designers of instruction in their blended learning classroom. This workshop session is interactive and hands-on — participants create digital lessons to use right away!During this 1-Day session teachers will:

  • Experience how engaging HyperDocs are as a student
  • Explore the pedagogy behind digital lesson design
  • Copy and customize sample HyperDocs to use in your own classroom immediately
  • Collaborate with educator colleagues to create your own HyperDoc(s)
  • Reflect and revise digital lessons using a checklist to “hack” your own HyperDocs
  • Join the Teachers Give Teachers collaborative marketplace community to share/use lesson plans #Give1Take1

Participants walk away feeling inspired, with a whole new outlook and competence for teaching with technology. Not only do participants create their own HyperDocs, but they have access to the many tools and resources to continue their progress as curriculum designers.

Note: The HyperDoc sessions are for educators who have an “intermediate G Suite” experience. These teachers can already navigate the basics of Google Apps: Docs, Slides, Maps, etc.