What if you could deliver PD that your staff actually wanted to attend...

...without spending hours planning and organizing it?

If you're ready to bring a little bit

of outsourced magic to take PD off your hands..

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It's time to take the stress out of PD and put the fun in!

As a team of educators who have designed and delivered PD for 15 years and counting, we set out to create what educators need: professional learning that is fun, but impactful. We believe PD shouldn’t be something your staff dreads or something you don’t see the results from. 

If you’re looking for PD that is interactive, measurable, and results-driven…

...bring us in. We’ll help you design short-term and long-term PD plans that are completely customized to your staff’s needs and your school or district's goals. 

You can get back to supporting your staff, tackling that inbox, crossing things off your never-ending to-do list and we’ll take care of PD.

Let's Work Together

Technology Integration for Learning and Teaching Survey

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Summer Professional Learning Plans

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Back to School Day of Learning

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Long-Term Professional Learning Plans

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Tools to Identify Mindset, Perception, and Practice of Technology Integration for Learning and Teaching

Summer Professional Learning Plans

Back to School Day of Learning

Long-Term Professional Learning Plans

How Does it Work?


The Initial Connection

We want to learn more about your needs, challenges, and goals. Fill out the form below so we can get to know you and begin talking about how we can create a comprehensive plan to help bring this to life.


Planning For Success

Our services team works with you in partnership so that we are prepared to ensure that this is a successful learning experience.


The Launch

Today’s the day! Sit back and get ready for a powerful learning experience.

Let us take the stress out of PD!

Connect with us today to start designing a professional learning experience that meets your needs, goals, and challenges.