What if you could deliver PD that your staff actually wanted to attend...

...without spending hours planning and organizing it?

If you’re ready to take PD off your hands,

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We take the stress out of PD and make it fun!

For over 15 years, our team of professional educators have intentionally designed and delivered custom PD solutions for districts who want to create high-impact learning environments for all students through better teacher development.

If you’re looking for PD that is interactive, measurable, and results-driven, bring us in. We’ll help you design short-term and long-term PD plans that are completely customized to your staff’s needs and your district's goals.

We’ll take care of the PD planning and execution so you can get back to supporting your staff and accomplishing your goals.

Let's Work Together

Tools to Identify Mindset, Perception, and Practice of Technology Integration for Learning and Teaching

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Google Workspace Certification Series

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1 Day of High Impact Learning

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Long-Term Professional Learning Plans

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How Does it Work?


Let's Connect

We’re excited to learn more about your unique needs, challenges, and goals. We’ll start the process with a free 1:1 exploratory call which can be scheduled after you fill out this inquiry form.


Plan for Success

With fresh ideas and a collaborative spirit, we’ll partner with you to ensure we’re designing custom PD solutions that will create impactful learning experiences for your staff.


Launch Your PD

Today’s the day! Since we will be executing the PD plans on your behalf, this is your opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the PD learning experiences we’ve created together.

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We're known for creating impactful PD solutions.

We take time to understand the unique challenges your staff is facing on a school and district level. This allows us to create intentional PD strategies that align with your goals.

We’ve already helped other districts with...

  • Increasing student engagement
  • Understanding student readiness levels
  • Supporting teacher’s individual needs
  • Helping teachers continually use their skills

Our primary goal is to help you accomplish yours. Let’s start by identifying your key challenges so we can offer personalized solutions for better teacher development.

“With the move to distance learning this school-year we knew our staff needed training and support. EdTechTeam worked closely with us to differentiate monthly training by skill level and area of need. They were amazing and a big part of why the quality of our distance learning was so much better this year than last spring.”


-Michael DeFrancesco
Director of Educational Services
Calistoga Joint Unified School District

Let us take the stress out of PD!

If you’re unsure of what your staff and educators need, we’re here to help! Let’s start by identifying your biggest goals and challenges on a 1:1 call.