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Custom Summits

What are Custom Summits?

EdTechTeam Custom Summits are an opportunity to bring the energy, fun and talent of our Global Summits; only customized with your initiative and vision driving the sessions and agenda.

Recent Custom Summits

Colts Neck Custom Summmit

  • One Day Custom Summit for 175 Teachers and Administrators20150903_065906
  • Inspirational Keynote Speech – “The Ripple Effect
  • 6 Innovative, Talented, Google Certified Presenters
  • Customized Agenda for Colts Neck Township Schools
  • 24 Interactive Breakout Sessions to Choose From
  • Tailored for an audience with a variety of technical skill levels
  • Catered breakfast and lunch included
  • High Energy Demo Slam and Prizes


What the attendee’s had to say:

“Assessments in a Digital Age” by Molly Schroder was my favorite presentation because it was enough new material to challenge and excite me but not too much where I was overwhelmed. It was the perfect balance!

“Want more!! I am currently a Technology Teacher. I would love even more exposure to your trainers. Your trainer team was AWESOME!! They ROCK!! Thank you again!!”

“It was awesome when my camera kicked on during Google Hangouts and I realized the potential lessons that can be taught connecting with others using this.”

“I hope in the future your company will come back to introduce us to even more features of Google Apps for Education!”

Beaverton School Change Custom Summit


  • Two Day Custom Summit for 650 Teachers, Faculty and Staff
  • Day 1 Keynote – “A Resume of Failure
  • Day 2 Keynote – “Expeditions, Journeys, Curiosity and Wonder
  • 18 Innovative, talented, Google Certified Spotlight Speakers
  • 17 Regional Speakers representing Beaverton Schools
  • Customized Future Ready agenda for the Beaverton School District
  • 120 Interactive Breakout Sessions to choose from
  • Tailored to an audience with a variety of skill levels
  • Catered breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks included
  • High Energy Demo Slam and Prizes



What the attendee’s had to say:

Breakout EDU was fantastic. Finishing in 15 minutes was even more fantastic!”

“My principal sat down next to me at lunch during the summit and said, “We need to buy a 3-D printer!” I was so excited, my arms flailed, and I spilled my lemonade all over the table!”

“This was the first professional development in which I felt the learning I did could immediately be used in my classroom.”

“When can we do it again?”

All of our services are also available under a Private Label option, through which EdTechTeam provides the capacity to deliver services under your own brand. We position ourselves as your professional development service, your educational technology department, or your product. For a school district, this can mean providing teachers support that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer. For a non-profit, private label services can mean the capacity to tap into alternative revenue streams. And for a corporation, we can help support the needs of your education clients.

If you’re interested in hosting EdTechTeam custom professional development (or engaging our team as consultants or organizational change coaches), please fill out the online request form below. This form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review.