Future Ready Schools

In support of the Future Ready Schools initiative, EdTechTeam is hosting a series of events for teachers and school-based leaders. For us, Future Ready means having a comprehensive approach to the technology integration.

Being Future Ready is a mindset, not a destination, and it takes working through each element of a Future Ready school in context of the other:  In order for students to have agency, learning should take places in inspiring spaces where teachers are empowered to make instructional decisions.  Leaders need to have the courage to take smart risks, engage the community, and provide the infrastructure to make learning happen.


If you’d like to host a Future Ready event for teachers and school-based leaders in your area or helping designing and implementing your Future Ready plan, please contact us to setup a conversation.


EdTechTeam Future Ready Summits are events where teachers and school-based leaders can get engaging, high quality professional development.

Future Ready Schools are committed to the ideals of Courageous Leadership, Empowered Teachers, Student Agency, and Inspiring Spaces. They are also committed to providing the resources, devices, and infrastructure necessary to support these important ideals. This summit is for educators and educational leaders that aspire to these ideals as well.

The high-intensity two-day program raises awareness around what is possible today, and what other innovative schools are already implementing. Sessions offer opportunities to explore potential solutions, and the event provides support for the difficult work of fostering the cultural change necessary to make visions into reality in a real world educational institution.

Custom Professional Development (and Organizational Change Consulting)

If your school is transitioning to digital learning, or integrating technology, we provide experts to help you think through each element of the process. We have experience working all school and district sizes, including both large urban districts and small independent schools. Our custom professional development team works to understand local needs, helps in planning a road map to being future ready, and connects you with the right experts and resources to take the necessary next steps.


If you’re interested in hosting an EdTechTeam Future Ready Schools Summit, booking custom professional development, or receiving help in making your organization Future Ready, then please fill out the online request form below.