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Google Partner
The EdTechTeam is proud to offer a variety of Google in Education Workshops
Lead by Google Certified Teachers and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers

We are lucky to work at a time when the products we are most passionate about sharing with teachers are the tools they are most interested in learning about… and the services are free for schools to boot. – Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

Sample Workshop Descriptions

Google in Education Workshop
This one-day hands-on primer begins with a welcome activity that invites participants to co-create a new vision for education in the age of Google. Discover a tool kit of research tools for students and educators, including advanced search techniques, Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, Google Alerts and more. Learn how Google Docs and Google Drive can facilitate collaboration and creation between students and among colleagues. Experience the ease of online publishing with Google Sites (and Blogger). Learn to expand your own personal learning network online with Google+. “Even more” inspiring instructional ideas conclude the day before a final reflection activity. This special workshop, offers something for beginners and intermediate users… and there is no better preparation for the Google Apps for Education summit

Chromebooks 1:1 
This comprehensive workshop develops awareness of current instructional practice and exposes participants to the changes that need to occur in order for a 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks to be successful.

Geo Educators Workshop

This intensive one-day hands-on event is designed to help educators get the most from Google’s Geo products and technologies like Google Maps and Earth including Mars, Moon, and Ocean. It doesn’t matter what subject you teach, The Geo Teacher’s Workshop will explore many ways to incorporate visual learning and visual thinking using these tools.

With hands-on activities, attendees will learn how to create, collaborate, and publish using Google Maps. Navigate through the robust layers of Google Earth and create dynamic content that can be used in the classroom immediately. The Google Geo EdTechTeam of experts will also explore innovative cross-curricular instructional strategies and provide resources to share with colleagues. They will introduce the many ways that educators can bring the world’s geographic information to students in a compelling, fresh, and fun way.

YouTube for Educators Workshop

In the past, educators have often ignored or banned YouTube due to the site’s reputation for unsuitable content. In 2011, YouTube made a commitment to education with YouTube for Teachers and YouTube for Schools. A Google Certified Teacher and YouTube Teacher Studio presenter takes you “beyond the honey badger” and walks you through the many ways you can use the site safely and effectively in your classroom.

Using video with students has been shown to initiate wonder and spawn questions.  This workshop showcases how you can start using YouTube to inspire students and teach with video using examples and hands-on activities like the following:


  • Effectively search and find useful videos
  • Create, embed and share playlists
  • Learn to edit your own original videos (using YouTube’s built in editor!)
  • Create classroom content using Creative Commons videos
  • Produce animations with YouTube’s partners like Xtranormal and GoAnimate.
  • Share videos across multiple venues
  • Explore privacy settings when uploading content
  • Tips and tricks on creating a channel for hosting your own content

With 72 hrs of content uploaded every minute and almost 3 billion views a day, YouTube has become an invaluable addition to the classroom that cannot be ignored.

Google for Educational Leaders
This one-day experience is designed to inform, inspire, and empower educational leaders. Make the most of the free tools Google offers educational institutions. Understand the Google Apps suite, and how your support staff can manage student and teacher accounts. Be prepared to make decisions regarding the benefits (and limitations) of Chromebooks and Nexus devices. And learn which tools in the Google Apps Marketplace, the Chrome Web store, and Google Drive might best benefit your organization. This session also includes a segment focused on maximizing your own productivity with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more time-saving collaborative tools. Informed by case studies and best practices, this workshop is your best preparation for the two-day institute that follows.

Google Apps Scripting in Education (for Power Users)

Robotizing for Better School Bureaucracy! Learn to use Apps Scripts to automate workflows, data feeds, communications, and document management for schools and classrooms that work better.
This full-day workshop is aimed at the Google Apps power user who wants to be able to leverage the GAFE platform beyond the basics for organizational workflows, automated communications, data-driven decision-making, and document management. The session will focus on learning to solve everyday organizational challenges using a suite of Google Apps Scripts authored by the presenter to allow Google Spreadsheets to perform templated document merges, relational data lookups, form-triggered, conditionalized, and bulk merged emails, form-triggered calendar events, and automated text messages.   Though participants will get a basic introduction to the Apps Script code editor, the intention of this clinic is not to teach coding skills.  Participants will gain the most if they already have intermediate Spreadsheet skills, and can expect to walk away with a set of practical, menu-driven power tools for the GAFE platform that they can immediately put to use in their schools.

Google Apps for Education Workshop (Operations Non-Teaching Faculty)
This workshop will focus on the use of technology to support operations and administration staff within the school and district, specifically designed for non-teacher faculty. The session will be intended for an audience of faculty and staff with beginner technology skills. The content will focus on the use of Google tools, including topics such as: Google Apps in Education, (Gmail, Calendar, Google Forms, Spreadsheets, Drive, Groups, and more) YouTube, Chrome, and Google Maps. Experience spreadsheets and formulas with the power of the internet, utilize survey and information gathering into a single tool and resource hosted under the domain of your school or district. Learn how to utilize the ease of Google Sites to share and display information for your community.

Google Apps for Education Certification Bootcamp (for Trainers)
The Google Apps for Education Certified Training serves two purposes: to raise awareness about how Google Apps can be used in education (with students and among colleagues), and to prepare participants to pass the Google Apps for Education Qualification Tests. Each session includes an interactive overview, top tips from the Google Apps for Education Training Center, hands-on activities, and inspiring ideas for how to use Google Apps for teaching, learning, and professional collaboration. The activities are flexible, designed to help new users quickly understand the “core magic” of each app – and to challenge veteran users by revealing features and innovative uses they never imagined. The experience is grounded in Google culture, complete with high-energy fast-paced demonstrations and challenging activities that can truly be called “hard fun.” There is no better preparation for teaching and learning with Google Apps – or for passing the Google Apps EDU tests.
During the second day of this two-day bootcamp, participants prepare their applications to become Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers. Certification is not included in the bootcamp (passing six tests, submitting an application, and approval from Google are required following the event). Taking tests and applying for certification is not necessary for participating in the bootcamp.

Google Apps for Education Technical Retreat (for CTOs, SysAdmins, and Tech Support)
The two-day Google Apps for Education Technical Retreat is intended for an audience of technology directors, systems administrators, and others who support technology needs in schools. The content is focused on the process and challenges of migrating educational institutions from legacy systems (or current systems) to Google Apps for Education. Participants will learn best practices and current issues from experienced peers and experts. Prepared presentations and activities are supplemented by structured time for discussion and networking.
Sessions will include topics such as:

Overview of Google Apps Dashboard Settings
Migrating Data from Microsoft Exchange or First Class to Google Apps
Using Google’s API’s to Mass-Create Accounts for All Current Email Users.
Migrating Large Organizations
Using the Google Apps Manager Command-line Tool
Using the Google Apps Migration Tool
Managing Suborganizations & Setting Up Permissions for Individual Apps
Creating an Implementation Plan for Current Staff
Creating a Dual-Delivery Pilot to Test the Systems and Migration
Strategies for Roll-Out Beyond a Pilot
Retention Strategies for Legacy Systems
BONUS: Chromebook Deployment and Management

Productivity tips for Google Apps (particularly Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs) will also be included in this two-day retreat. Participants will leave better prepared to use and support these tools in an educational context. 

Even More…
A wide variety of other workshops for educators are also available, including: Google Search, Google Chrome, Mobile Apps, Blogger, Google+, and more.
See also our Google Apps for Education Certification Bootcamp and our Google in Education Summits.

Additional Information


Led by Dr. Mark Wagner, former director of the Google Teacher Academy, the EdTechTeam features dozens of Google Certified Teachers and Google Apps EDU Certified Trainers, including many who are veteran leaders at the Google Teacher Academy and who have helped author the Google Apps for Education Qualification Tests.


Google in Education Workshops are available from the EdTechTeam in a variety of formats, including popular full-day, two-day, three-day, and five-day bootcamps conducted face-to-face at your site (or at a host location). Other formats, including a series of half-day workshops, a series of webinars or online classes, and custom configurations are also available.

The face-to-face bootcamps can be offered in a computer lab, or in a bring your own laptop (BYOL) or bring your own mobile device (BYOD) format. Large groups can be accommodated in a single large room, or in smaller breakout rooms – or in a combination of both. Any number of participants can be accommodated, with larger sessions being organized in a conference format. More team leaders (each one a Google Certified Teacher and/or Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer) are sent to accomodate higher numbers of participants.

Online Request Form

The online request form collects all the information needed to generate a draft proposal for your review. Even if you’re not ready to fill it out just yet, you might look it over to get a better idea what information will be required to move forward. Then once you have a date, time, and location in mind, fill out the form to begin the planning process.


Send us a message or give us a call anytime if you have any questions, need any information, or want to chat about any of this in more detail at this point. We look forward to working with you to make Google Apps for Education Certified Training a reality for you and your colleagues or staff.

These testimonials are typical comments from participant evaluations
following a Google in education workshop produced by the EdTechTeam:
Great Presentation!  I have been a Gmail user since 2005 and had no clue some of these great things existed.  Thanks!
I am not a technology person and you made this very easy for me to understand.  I plan on using this as I begin a new school year.  Sharing documents will enable me to be more effective as a counselor.
It was exactly what I was looking for for my team of teachers!
Great job working with people at multiple levels and points of learning! 
Amazing, brought to light some great ideas and ways to actually implement them into my classroom.  This will allow me to not only become better organized in my classroom, but in my collection and organization of student work and feedback to them.
Thank you very much!  I highly recommend this to any teacher who wishes to use technology more in depth in the classroom.
I have been to many, many workshops, and this is by far the most useful one I have ever attended.  I will absolutely use this information and pass it on to my students.
This ranks at the very top of greatness for education workshops I’ve attended.
Thanks for teaching us to be outside the box!

The most valuable information that I learned here at the conference.

Thank you!!!
I would not consider myself “computer literate” but this workshop gave me inspiration to try 🙂
Great hands-on activities. Great job moving the experienced users of Google and awesome re-teaching of those that need more assistance. I felt I was working on my own little “cloud”.

This was a day I dreaded, because I have always considered myself to be technologically impaired.

This workshop made everything meaningful, and i loved it so much I don’t want to stop!
I wish I had more time!