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Assessment that Matters

Assessment that Matters

Are you using technology as a tool for learning with your students? Student creations can give us rich information about student learning and growth. Want to hone your skills in assessment to help personalize learning? This book will show you how!

Assessment That Matters is for the connected educator who wants to learn more about how to gather rich assessment information and build opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in creative and innovative ways using technology.

Kim Meldrum provides readers with a strong understanding of the role that technology as a tool for learning must play in the education of today’s students, and clearly explains the three types of assessment – assessment as learning, assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

This book includes practical examples of how students can creatively demonstrate their learning. Detailed assessment information is provided with each example. After reading this book, teachers will gain the skills they need to effectively assess student work, at the same time building a repertoire of ideas that allow students to demonstrate their learning in different, creative and authentic ways. It’s the best of both worlds – learn to make student thinking visible and easily gather rich assessment information!

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