Inspiring Spaces Challenge!

#InspiringSpaces: Are You Up for the Challenge?

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One perk of working in so many schools across the world is seeing the inventive ways teachers are creating inspiring learning environments for their students.

Seeing these unique and thoughtful designs has given us an idea: Create a challenge for the community to share the inspiring spaces they’ve curated.

Share and gain ideas from fellow teachers and you’ll be automatically entered to win sweet prizes each week until December 11th!

You might be asking…What IS an Inspiring Space?

Inspiring spaces can look different to different people, but such a space can take kids somewhere new, somewhere magical even, where it is possible to be immersed in the wonder and curiosity associated with meaningful and joyful learning. They empower, engage, and create conditions for learning.

These spaces can occur from making small changes, like adding a bright color on the walls, or rearranging desks… or a bigger change, like getting rid of desks altogether!

Want more? Check out our blog series on Inspiring Spaces from our Director of Learning Spaces, David Jakes, and his top 10 tips for creating one.


You might be asking… What’s in it for ME?!

Besides winning SWEET inspiring furniture from our friends at Smith System each Friday, you’ll get to share your inspiring spaces with others in the community, sparking new ideas and conversations, and encouraging others to try something new!

Check out our G+ Collection with #InspiringSpaces entries!