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The EdTechTeam is a global network of educational technologists. The core team of world-class leaders below works closely with a cohort of over a hundred contractors world-wide. We are a nimble organization, able to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

If you’re interested in bringing one of our world class speakers to your event, please fill out the online request form below. This form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review.

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Michelle Armstrong

Dare To Err

Jay Atwood

The Instructional Identity Crisis

Chris Betcher

A World of Possibilities

Kevin Brookhouser

Fueling Future-Ready Students with 20time

Holly Clark

Ready to Disrupt?

Chris Craft

Piece by Piece: You've Got What it Takes

Nicole Dalesio

What Matters Most

Heather Dowd

Choose Your Own Adventure

Juan De Luca

Plays Well with Others

Amy Fadeji

Believe: The Power of Belief

Emily Fitzpatrick

Let's Make Some Magic

David Freeburg

Personalized Learning in the Classroom

Ben Friesen

The Journey

Lise Galuga

Op PACHYDERM: Eating the Elephant one Bite at a Time

Mark Garrison

Explore. Learn. Change.

Jamie Greason

Be the Hero of Your Story

Patrick Green

The Relevant Teacher

Roni Habib

Teaching to the Human Core

Kimberley Hall

Always Learning

Mark Hammons

Power of Play or Sound of Learning

Jeff Heil

Technology, High Expectations, and the Art of Relationships

Lisa Highfill

Before the Aha Moment- A look at learning

Rushton Hurley

Excellence, Technology, and the Should-but-Don'ts

Chad Kafka

Run, Don't Walk.

Kern Kelley

Technology is Trust

Bradley Lands


Dee Lanier

Taking on a #ThinkOpen Attitude for Your School

Jesse Lubinsky

Capes Not Required

Jason Markey

Building a Culture of Innovation

Jennie Magiera

Courageous Edventures

Monica Isabel Martinez

 Creating Culture by Design

Chris Moore

Come to the Edge...

Kyle Pace

Be Infectious! Spreading Your Genius

Kate Petty

What They Don't Tell Us

Donnie Piercey

Be Different. Have Fun.

Tracy Poelzer

Overcoming the Impostor

Tracy Purdy

Beyond the 4

James Sanders

A Resume of Failure

Molly Schroeder

Living in Beta

Ken Shelton

Transformational Teaching and Learning With Technology

Jim Sill

Beginner's Luck

Lisa Thumann


Sergio Villegas

The Power of Public

Michael Wacker

Connect to Compassion

Mark Wagner

Only The Beginning

Esther Wojcicki

Moonshots in Education