abbey futrell

Abbey Futrell

It’s Not About You


It’s Not About You

It’s Not About You takes a realistic look at the benefits and pitfalls of digital teaching and learning. Prepare to laugh and reflect on the importance of focusing on student learning and become inspired to take a deep breath and start over tomorrow.

About Abbey

Abbey Futrell is a Digital Innovation Coach and Research Associate with the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative at North Carolina State University’s William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Her work with the Friday Institute encompasses a commitment to coaching teachers with creating meaningful digital learning experiences for students, redefining professional development, and serving as one of the lead facilitators for the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network. She frequently presents at national education conferences and has moderated Future Ready Summits sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. Prior to joining the PLLC, Abbey’s collective 15+ years in education encompassed service at the local, district, regional and state level. Her roles have included public school middle grades Language Arts teacher, public school secondary English Literature teacher, Instructional Technology Facilitator, 6-12 Instructional Coach and Professional Development Consultant with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.