Ariana Flewelling

Creating Kaleidoscopes


Creating Kaleidoscopes

Identities are like kaleidoscopes; made up of many tiny pieces that come together to create unique images. Educators have the power to help students create their kaleidoscopes every day. Together, we will explore stories of identity and you will learn how we can foster environments to give each student the opportunity to feel proud of their identity.

About Ariana

Ari Flewelling is a Staff Development Specialist for the Department of Innovation and Learner Engagement with Riverside Unified School District (RUSD). She has earned a Masters of Educational Technology degree from Boise State University. Ari is also a Google Educator Level (1 & 2) and Google Certified Trainer and Innovator. Ariana is also a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, and Breakout EDU Authorized Trainer. When in the classroom Ariana taught English classes for grades 9-12.