Kevin Brookhouser

Fueling Future-Ready Students with 20time


Fueling Future-Ready Students with 20time

To help inspire innovation and creativity, Google offers employees 20% of their time to work on a project of their choosing. Teachers who offer the same to their students can meet learning goals while creating powerful experiences that lead to increased motivation, creativity, and divergent critical thinking. This presentation will outline how to inspire teachers to organize a 20% program in middle and high schools across curricula, how to effectively communicate the rationale of the program to administrators, parents, and students, and how to execute the program so students are able to manage their time effectively for a successful final project.

Epic Fail: Nurturing Future-Ready Minds in the Age of Control-Z

How do we create a classroom culture that meets high standards and yet allows students to experiment and learn through errors? Reflecting on his years in the classroom, Kevin Brookhouser will explore how technology enables massive learning wins through epic fails. What does it take to get a job at Google? Contrary to popular belief, the most sought after employer is not looking for the uber-successful individuals alone at the top of the class. In fact, they want people who know what it’s like to learn and thrive through setbacks. Software developers, game designers, and, yes, Google recognize the best way to teach something new is by letting users make mistakes. Learn how to cultivate an “undo” mindset that grows future ready learners.

The New Literacies

The world has changed so dramatically over the past couple decades that we cannot teach the same way we were taught when we were in school. All students need experience developing three emerging literacies to thrive in the competitive and exciting future they’re facing. First, they need to know how to how to think like a computer programmer, second, they must know how to produce compelling videos, and finally they need to build the habits of a smart, creative entrepreneur. Teachers can provide this experience without being experts themselves all while meeting Common Core Standards. Through inspiring stories, research-based insights, and and turn-key tips, teachers will leave ready to transform their classrooms into incubators for future-ready students.

About Kevin

Kevin Brookhouser, M.Ed. is the author of The 20time Project: How educators can launch Google’s formula for future-ready students. He teaches digital citizenship and computer science at York School in Monterey, California and is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, and National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future. Kevin serves on the board of The International School of Monterey. He is a learning animal.