Mark Hammons

Power of Play or Sound of Learning


Sound of Learning

Silence is golden, right? We’ve been ingrained in education to keep students quiet while doing work, or taking test, when the real potential for learning comes from the interaction with others. Using the story of Breakout EDU, we’ll explore what learning sounds like.

About Mark

As a recovering music teacher for over 16 years, Mark Hammons currently serves as the Director of Innovation at EdTechTeam where he helped create and launch Breakout EDU. Mark holds an M.A. in Educational Technology specializing in mobile learning and instructional design. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Innovative Educator, Google Education Trainer and New Media Consortium Ambassador, Mark travels the world promoting Educational Technology to teachers and administrators. Mark lives in Fresno, California with his wife and two children and is still connected to pageantry and the performing arts throughout California. As former percussion director, Mark now consults with various programs and is a sought out adjudicator for numerous events.

For more information about Mark, visit his website at mhammons.com.