Heather Dowd

Choose Your Own Adventure


Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series we loved as kids? Don’t you think life is a little bit like those books? Think of a crossroad in your life where the choice you made led you to a new adventure. Chances are, you can name more than a few of those defining moments. What about our students? While we can’t predict the choices our students are going to have in the future, we can prepare them to make choices that will lead to a rich and thick adventure story. What are the skills and traits that helped you make the best decision you could make and how do we help build them in our students?

About Heather

Heather is an education consultant who loves to geek out and be creative with students and teachers. She has been a physics and math teacher, instructional designer, and an education technology coach around the world. She currently enjoys creating professional learning experiences to help teachers innovate in their classrooms. Teaching English with the JET program in Kumamoto, Japan inspired her to become a teacher. Heather is a Google for Education Certified Innovator/Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, and an Adobe Education Trainer who believes that students should have access to current technology in order to be creative in ways that weren’t possible when she was in school. Outside of school, she likes to travel, take photos, spend time with her husband, and get in touch with her artistic side. (A good day is doing all four at the same time.)