Lisa Highfill

Before the Aha Moment: A Look at Learning


Before the Aha Moment: A Look at Learning

So often in school, in order to improve instruction, we spend a big portion of our time examining data. When was the last time you focused on the steps that lead up to the the aha moment, when learning occurs? Inspire your own instruction by interacting, sharing ideas, and engaging with others in this personal look at learning. Let’s explore beyond the curriculum, to factors that can change the learners in your classroom for a lifetime.

Time to Wonder

Thinkers, creators, innovators…all attributes we want for our students, but do our classrooms provide the opportunity for this these skills to develop? While the current teacher manifesto if full of buzzwords that are likely to overwhelm even the most seasoned educators, there is a way! Join in this thoughtful exploration as we ponder ways to shift the way we have always done things, maximizing face time with our students, and creating new solutions to achieve goals while allowing students the time to wonder.

A Countdown to Launching

As we challenge ourselves with Moonshot ideas to transform learning, let’s take a moment to first start the engines of those around us. Follow along as we ponder the wisdom of one student’s request to accomplish the steps needed to launch your classroom. Together we can identify challenges, share realistic solutions, and plan for innovative learning experiences that will launch our students into a future where anything is possible.

About Lisa

Lisa Highfill, the k-12 Instructional Technology Coach for the Pleasanton Unified, has a passion for innovative learning strategies and actively works to share and collaborate with teachers, parents, and community members in order to improve the quality of education. She has presented at numerous conferences across California, sharing ideas to improve the way kids experience learning. Lisa is a Google Certified Teacher and a part of the inaugural group of YouTube Star Teachers. She is a lead learner for CUE and a part of the Merit Staff at the Krause Center for Innovation. She is a self proclaimed #BBQWhisperer and #VideoWhisperer if you ever find yourself in need.