James Sanders

A Resume of Failure


A Resume of Failure

Social media bombards us with images of success and examples of why everyone is great at everything. We know, however, that reality is much different. In this keynote James explores all the projects and ideas that ended in disaster, and how those failures ultimately led to success.

About James

James Sanders is the founder of Breakout EDU. Previously, James served as the Chief Innovation Officer at EdTechTeam and a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House working on education open data initiatives. He was the co-founder of the White House Film Festival.

Before the White House, James oversaw innovation for KIPP Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area where he managed the region’s blended learning and technology integration initiatives. In addition to his work at KIPP and the White House, James served as a project manager for YouTube EDU (Google). At Google he created YouTube Teachers and managed the K-12 video content curation project. James is also the co-founder of ClassBadges, a website that allows teachers to award digital badges to students. ClassBadges was acquired by EdStart in April of 2014. His career in education began teaching history in both South Los Angeles and San Francisco during which he pioneered a paperless, fully-blended, classroom model.