Juan De Luca

Plays Well with Others


Plays Well with Others

If you ask most teachers about what they consider the most important skills our students need to have, they usually think of Math, Reading and Writing. But how important is it to learn how to collaborate with others? Well, it’s one of the most important, if not THE most important, skill required for the future workforce. Yet in schools, the only time when we see this evaluated is in Kindergarten; only then do you see “Plays well with others” in the report card.
During this keynote, Juan will illustrate how the most important global companies are looking for those who can innovate working in teams. Moreover, he will demonstrate how we can promote “playing well with others” in our classrooms and shift towards a culture of collaboration.

About Juan

Currently, Juan is the EdTechTeam Regional Director in Mexico. With a group of certified educational technology trainers, he supports public and private educational institutions to foster innovation and develop better learning and teaching environments with the use of technology. Before that, he worked at the Google Mexico office with the Education team, leading several implementation projects. Previously, Juan was an independent educational consultant. He helped schools assess their technology needs and develop strategies to enhance their teaching and learning practices with digital tools. Prior to this, Juan served as the Director of Technology at The Langley School in McLean, VA. There, he lead the articulation and implementation of the instructional technology program, with a strategic vision to support its full integration into the curriculum. He started his education career at The American School Foundation (ASF) in Mexico City, where he served various K-12 teaching and leadership roles for 10 years. Additionally, as an adjunct professor for SUNY Buffalo, he has taught several educational technology courses at Master’s level.

Juan has a Master’s in Educational Technology and Training. He was the first Google Certified Teacher in Mexico (2012), the first Google Education Trainer in Latin America (2010) and part of the first cohort of Apple Distinguished Educators in Mexico (2011). He is a frequent presenter at national and international educational conferences.