Kern Kelley


Kern Kelley

Technology is Trust


Technology is Trust

While education has been unavoidably influenced by technology, we know the trust we build with our students is more important than ever. How do we make sense of our amazing toolset and its significance to our children when technology and trust has become so intertwined? Let’s explore the impact of this reality both in the classroom and beyond.

A Riddle, Inside of a Mystery, Wrapped in Education.

Breakout EDU is an ultra-engaging learning game for everyone. It teaches teamwork, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. See how the implementation of this idea can be a model for learning throughout education.

Student Keynote

You’re a Wizard!

How often have you helped your mom, dad or teacher with their technology questions? Well, let’s use all that knowledge and information you have to create something amazing. Students have incredible powers to learn and teach, so let’s take the tools at hand and building something!

About Kern

Starting his teaching career in New Zealand, Kern is presently the Director of Student Agency for EdTechTeam Inc. and Technology Integrator at Regional School Unit #19 in central Maine. He has provided support to educators for over a decade and has conducted professional development across the globe. He has always loved working with students with a special focus on having them teach others. He advises a student produced live tech support show broadcast at Maine’s Technology Teacher of the Year, he has brought his student presenters the Tech Sherpas to numerous conferences around the world. He is the co-author of the Google Apps Guidebook with many of the students he works with.