Mark Garrison

Explore. Learn. Change.


Explore. Learn. Change.

An inspiring look at innovative technology integration through the lens of adventure, designed to help educators rethink lifelong learning, success and change in education.

Technology Innovation: One Student Big Change

Hear how the story of one remarkable 7th grader parallels and informs the way one district develops technology infrastructure and device deployments as we leverage technology to innovate the way we teach and learn. You’ll leave with specific ideas about how to innovate, inspire change and move your school forward.

About Mark

Mark Garrison is an innovative educator, a passionate advocate for technology as a driver of change and the CIO in Minnesota’s White Bear Lake Area Schools. He holds a Masters in Learning Technologies, is a Google Certified Teacher and adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota. He earned a Masters in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota, is a Google Certified Teacher, adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota and was named one of 15 Youtube Star Teachers in 2011.

He and his wife once paddled 3,000 miles across Canada. They now live in Minneapolis where they raise three children and find adventure in everyday life.