Michael Wacker

Chief Strategy Officer 


Connect to Compassion

When we start our children down the assembly line of school, where are they heading? Are the things we want to see in our children when they are grown, the same things we teach in school? Our children have the information of the world at their fingertips, access to “friends” around the world with the push of a button, but why are we seeing more bullying, less empathy, and a disconnect form what we “really” want for our children.

What would your “Defensible Mission” for your school or classroom, be? What could it look like if a classroom/school/district etc were anchored to service, community responsibility, empathy and ethical treatment of each other?

Children need Adults that love and care about them. Teaching and designing around empathy, service, and compassion may just generate the connected leaders and learners awesome enough to change the world.

Learning Out Loud

Children and adults are learning out loud like at no time before. Let’s discuss and explore some great stories, pedagogical applications, and connected learning opportunities in front of our children. We have permission to innovate, take risks, and model this next iteration of teaching and learning for our children; let’s discuss how.

About Michael

A former elementary teacher, Michael has since served as Online Learning Specialist on the student and adult learning side. This experience included designing and facilitating teacher and administrator professional development online courses and workshops. On the student side, his experience involves directing the build and design of online courses, technical development and course conversions, as well as curriculum course revisions and iterations. With more than 10 years of progressively responsible experience in eLearning and Blended Learning, he is consulted around ideas of strategic design and innovation in public and private schools internationally to support the professional development and redesign of classrooms, pedagogy, and traditional instructional models, to better serve all learners. Michael’s strengths are in helping to maximize learning opportunities through the design of dynamic spaces (online and face to face) of interaction, inquiry, and engagement for students, teachers, and administrators. Dedicated to educational innovation, he strives to utilize best practice eLearning techniques and leverage a pedagogy and technology that allows for anywhere, anytime learning.

I am a lifetime learner that truly loves to engage, listen, and talk with folks smarter than myself. I view my blog/public posts as a personal journal and reflection opportunity for me. I am reflective, and a good listener. I enjoy designing and facilitating online learning spaces for educators to inquire, share, reflect, and connect. Whenever possible I take time to work in classrooms, espouse the possibilities of 21st century connected and open learning, and facilitate discussions around questions that I have, or something I want to learn more about. I love learning, and sharing new ideas, tools, and discussions with my peers.

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