Michelle Armstrong

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Michelle Armstrong

Dare to Err


Dare To Err

We all know that the Internet has revolutionized the way our students communicate and that they have access to instant information whenever they want it. As educators, let’s fight the good fight and take practical steps to navigate this “tech savvy” world and not be afraid of what new technology is on the horizon. Let’s dare to err.

About Michelle

A self professed Google Geek, Michelle is experiencing first-hand how Google Apps and collaboration are changing the face of education. Enamoured by the power of Google, she became a Google Education Trainer in March 2013 and a Google Certified Teacher in July 2014. These certifications have resulted in an explosion of her Professional Learning Network and given Michelle the opportunity to travel throughout North America providing coaching, training, and curriculum integration strategies for other educators embarking on their own journey into the Google Apps environment.

As a Regional Director, Michelle works with EdTechTeam helping to coordinate professional development training in Canada, working with districts and organizations to customize their workshops and events.