Chris Moore

Come to the Edge…


Come to the Edge…

What are the “edges” we arrive at as teachers? How do we move through these difficult spaces? What are some things that we can all do to model real, authentic learning for our students?

It’s important that we realize how concepts including student voice, purposeful work, and authentic audiences are essential for our students, but it’s also important to make sure we give them the right tools and experiences – then get out of their way! Our students can accomplish greatness, but they still need you to model learning and relationship building each and every single day.

This keynote focuses on the idea that teachers must model real learning for students in every way. Sometimes that means making mistakes, and sometimes that means celebrating successes. Either way, your students need you. You are the “Killer App” of the 22nd Century.

About Chris

Chris Moore, a Certified Google Innovator and Trainer, LearnZillion DreamTeam Member, Discovery STAR Educator, and recipient of the National School Board Association’s Technology & Leadership Network “20 To Watch” Award has been an elementary classroom teacher for over ten years. He has been a presenter at conferences and custom professional development events at the local, state, and international levels. Mr. Moore earned his B.A. in Elementary Education at Adams State College, and his M.A. in Information and Learning Technology at the University of Colorado, Denver. He currently teaches technology to 3rd-5th grade students in Denver, Colorado.