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Simple Extensions, Big Impact

Small, lightweight Chrome Extensions for Educators, Presenters, Speakers, and more.



CraftyLevel shows you the Flesch-Kincaid reading level of any web page. Install it, browse to any web page, and see the grade level as a number on the icon in the upper right of the screen.



CraftyRights forces all searches for images to return images that are free to use or share, potentially mitigating copyright concerns. While we make no guarantees, this extension may help avoid copyrighted images.



CraftyText is a simple extension with one purpose; to display text large in the center of the screen. I use it to show my class single words, class codes, or website addresses.

CraftyLabs is a labor of love by Crafty. We dedicate it to the teachers that work so hard every day to impact the lives of children.