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Professional Development

The Professional Development Capacity You Need

We’re proud to share that EdTechTeam is an official Google for Education Partner!

We are a nimble, flexible, and highly responsive professional development team. Schools and educational organizations look to us for an actionable Future Ready lens for all aspects of curriculum and technology planning, integration,  professional learning, and development. Our core business is providing services directly to schools and districts – to give custom professional development experiences. Working closely with key stakeholders and leadership teams, our custom PD solution is built to solve the growing and changing needs for your organization. We support all levels of change and growth, whether you are just getting started or refueling and iterating on an existing launch, we are your professional learning leaders and capacity to ensure success.

All professional development events are coordinated by Dr. Mark WagnerMichael Wacker, and Lisa Thumann, with assistance from our core team and extended team of over 100 dynamic and inspiring experts globally.

Most Popular Workshops

Google in Education Workshops are available from the EdTechTeam in a variety of formats, including full-day, two-day, three-day, and five-day bootcamps conducted face-to-face at your site (or at a host location). Other formats, including a series of half-day workshops, a series of webinars or online classes, and custom configurations are also available. The face-to-face bootcamps can be offered in a computer lab, or in a bring your own laptop (BYOL) or bring your own mobile device (BYOD) format. Large groups can be accommodated in a single large room, or in smaller breakout rooms – or in a combination of both. Any number of participants can be accommodated, with larger sessions being organized in a conference format. More team leaders (each one a Google Certified Teacher and/or Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer) are sent to accommodate higher numbers of participants.

Workshop featuring Google for Education: Perfect for schools going 1:1 Chromebooks, this is an intimate 1-2 day workshop where teachers get hands-on training with all instructional tools in the Google Apps for Education suite including Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Draw, YouTube, Gmail, and Calendar. Each workshop is lead by a Google Certified Innovator & Trainer.

1:1 iPad Workshop: One of the most effective ways you can use the iPad is using it to make thinking visible for our students. In this workshop, participants will learn how to delve into student understanding by using a core suite of apps that allow teachers the insight they need to get to the bottom of learning gaps and quickly assess when students have mastered content.  We will learn strategies geared toward teaching and learning that will help students more effectively create their own learning artifacts.This fun and engaging workshop will have you rethinking what you thought about the iPad in the classroom and inspire you to create lessons that effectively impact student learning.

Keynote Speakers: Inspire educators with one of our world-class keynote speakers. All our speakers are global experts in education technology and have direct experience as classroom educators. Your teachers will have fun and be motivated to take their classrooms to the next level. See a representative list of speakers here.

Redesigning Learning Spaces:  Work directly with a member of our learning space design team to transform outdated spaces into modern spaces that facilitate critical thinking, creativity, rich discussion, and collaboration. Learn more about the Media Arts Center in Palo Alto here.

Pedagogy & Technology Alignment Audit – Assess your school’s current practices and develop a detailed progress plan that will put your school or district on the path to Future Ready. This week long experience looks at every aspect of your school(s), evaluates infrastructure, instructional practices, device and software choices, teacher training and works with leaders to develop a 24-month technology integration road map.

Custom Summit – EdTechTeam Custom Summits are an opportunity to bring the energy, fun, and talent of our Global Summits; only customized with your initiatives and vision driving the sessions, and agenda. Example Two day Schedule here. EdTechTeam custom pd overview (video: 2:50)

Student Summit –   include a mixture of the following, Minecraft, Coding, Multimedia Publishing, 3d printing, and robotics. Student Summits (video 2:30) High quality, fun, and student centered summits with EdTechTeam, TechSherpa Google Certifications. Empower your student body to build and develop their own version of the Tech Sherpas. Contact us to inquire about Custom STEAM Camps and Summits edtechteam.com/request

Online and Blended Learning -  Future Ready Teacher Certificate – Courses include:  Global Collaboration and Community (Includes definition of Future Ready), Project Based Learning, Cloud Productivity with Chromebooks, Flipped Learning with Google, Visual Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Assessment (Forms and Portfolios) and Redesigning the Learning Space.

1:1 Future Ready Pilots and Learning Ecosystem

“Every Teacher will Gain Access to World Class Professional Learning”

EdTechTeam coaches will work with administrators and teachers in your buildings to provide 1:1 coaching, and consultative services that build and sustain positive professional learning cultures for your initiatives and pilots.  Research-based, data-driven and proven effective. Our authentic approach embeds Google Apps as part of both process and pedagogy for first fully comprehensive approach.  Initial requirements include: Gap Assessment, Leadership Institute, Technical Retreat, and Learning Space Studio workshops.

Private Label Services

All of our services are also available under a Private Label option, through which the EdTechTeam provides the capacity to deliver services under your own brand. We position ourselves as your professional development service, your educational technology department, or your product. For a school district, this can mean providing teachers support that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer. For a non-profit, private label services can mean the capacity to tap into an alternative revenue stream. And for a corporation, we can help support the needs of your education clients.

Long Term Consulting, Planning, and Organizational Change

EdTechTeam is uniquely positioned to provide the whole package of Educational  Technology (ET) and Information Technology (IT) services. We help implement and sustain innovative change in educational organizations. With our team’s experience in organizational change, systems thinking, and effective dialogue, we will help create or strengthen your professional learning communities. Our global experience in teaching, educational technology, and IT – along with our broad system of industry experts – makes the EdTechTeam uniquely prepared to help with a lab, site, or district overhaul. We help purchase, install, and configure new infrastructure. Then we train IT staff to support it and faculty to teach with it. Our skill with managing educational change – and our sensitivity to the human side of change – ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in hosting EdTechTeam custom professional development (or engaging our team as consultants or organizational change coaches), please fill out the online request form below. This form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review.

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