Pre and Post Summit Workshops

Pre Summit Workshop Options


Going Google!  Learning in the Digital Age

This is the perfect way to spend the day before the EdTechTeam Summit.  Dive into the core apps in Google’s G Suite for Education.  Step by step you’ll be introduced to the Apps as well as create meaningful lessons, templates, activities and resources for use in your classroom the next day.  We’ll explore Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and Drawings), Google Classroom, Google Sites, YouTube and more!  Discover a toolkit of digital applications for students and educators that facilitates collaboration and creation between students and among colleagues. Take Google Docs to the next level with Suggested Edits and the Research Tool. Experience the ease of online publishing with Google Sites.  We’ll introduce you to the resources that will help you continue your learning beyond the one day workshop and connect you with our EdTechTeam Community so you expand your personal learning network.

This one day workshop is THE most transformational learning experience you can have to finally dig into the digital world of Google and transform learning in your classroom forever.


Level 2 Google Certification Bootcamp

Move beyond the basics of Google Tools and learn how to maximize 21st century learning in the classroom. Participants explore and create purposeful blended learning lessons while enhancing student understanding of topics and concepts. Learn to organize course work and leverage the Internet to better meet the needs of an increasingly digital curriculum. We’ll explore key units in the Level 2 curriculum including personalized learning models and coaching models.
Note: Graduate credit is available in conjunction with our Level 2 Bootcamps for an extra fee.

EdTechTeam Press Workshops

*Please note that the EdTechTeam Authors must be available for these workshops.  


HyperDoc One Day MasterClass

HyperDocs are innovative digital lessons capable of shifting the student learning experience. With HyperDocs, teachers maximize face time with students, better utilize devices, meet standards, and personalize instruction for any and all students. During this full day session, teachers learn how to leverage Google Apps and effectively use various web tools to become designers of instruction in their blended learning classroom. This workshop session is interactive and hands-on — participants will create digital lessons to use right away!

During this 6 hour session teachers will:

  • Experience how engaging HyperDocs are as a student
  • Explore the pedagogy behind digital lesson design
  • Copy and customize sample HyperDocs to use in your own classroom immediately
  • Collaborate with educator colleagues to create your own HyperDoc(s)
  • Reflect and revise digital lessons using a checklist to “hack” your own HyperDocs
  • Join the Teachers Give Teachers collaborative marketplace community to share/use lesson plans #Give1Take1

Participants will walk away feeling inspired, with a whole new outlook and competence for teaching with technology. Not only will teachers create their own HyperDocs, but they will have access to the many tools and resources to continue their progress as curriculum designers.

Copy of Book Included


Your Guide to Google Apps MasterClass

Based on the Google Apps Guidebook, this workshop focuses on practical implementation of GSuite in Education. Create meaningful content while gaining experience with the Google toolset.

Projects are differentiated by various grade levels and subject areas. Examples of topics covered throughout the day:

  • Google Drive, Slides, Sheets and Forms
  • Gmail and Calendar
  • YouTube and Google Sites
  • Chrome Browser and Third Party Apps

Workshops for Leaders, System Administrators and Clerical/Classified


Learning and Leading Administrator Bootcamp

This one-day event explores frameworks that help administrators recognize effective and purposeful technology integration in classrooms. In particular, participants are introduced to the SAMR and 4Cs models while coaching techniques and evaluation methods are also discussed and practiced. The afternoon focuses on administrative uses of Google Tools such as: Gmail, Calendar, Forms/Spreadsheets, and the basics of Docs. Administrators leave this session with a solid understanding of how to support teachers in an ever-changing world and use Google Tools to increase work efficiency.


G Suite for Clerical | Classified Staff Bootcamp

This one-day event provides clerical/classified staff an overview of how to use the G Suite within the context of their work. Participants explore best practices with Gmail, Calendar, Forms and Spreadsheets – along with basics in Google Apps such as sharing settings and collaboration. Also on the docket, Chrome and the Chrome Web Store, including apps and extensions for the Chrome Browser that make anyone’s work easier and more efficient.


G Suite for Education Technical Retreat

(for CTOs, SysAdmins, and Tech Support)

The G Suite for Education Technical Retreat is intended for an audience of technology directors, systems administrators, and others who support technology needs in schools. The content is focused on the process and challenges of migrating educational institutions from legacy systems (or current systems) to G Suite for Education. Participants will learn best practices and current issues from experienced peers and experts. Prepared presentations and activities are supplemented by structured time for discussion and networking.

  • Sessions will include topics such as:
  • Overview of G Suite Dashboard Settings, Migrating Data from Microsoft Exchange or First Class to Google, Using Google’s API’s to Mass-Create Accounts for All Current Email Users, Migrating Large Organizations, Using the Google Apps Manager Command-line Tool, Using the Google Apps Migration Tool, Managing Sub-organizations & Setting Up Permissions for Individual Apps, Creating an Implementation Plan for Current Staff, Creating a Dual-Delivery Pilot to Test the Systems and Migration, Strategies for Roll-Out Beyond a Pilot, Retention Strategies for Legacy Systems
  • BONUS: Chromebook Deployment and Management

Productivity tips for G Suite (particularly Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs) will also be included in this retreat. Participants will leave better prepared to use and support these tools in an educational context.


Chrome Device Implementation & Management Best Practices Technical Retreat

Are you managing or rolling out Chrome Devices at your school or district?

Does your IT staff have all the tools and knowledge they need to support Chrome in the field?

Chromebooks now account for over 50 percent of technology devices used in classrooms across North America. Our one day training session will provide you with insight into what devices and models will best fit the needs of your schools. As well as best practices on deployment and management of these devices at scale. There is more that just Chromebooks in the Chrome family. We also cover Chrome boxes, bases, and bits as well as the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac platforms. Finally a showcase and discussion of premium and free tools that are out there to make life easier for IT teams as well as a question and answer session complete the day.

Additional Options for Pre Summit Workshops


Google and iPad – The Best of Both Worlds

Get hands-on with the G Suite for Education with iPad. We’ll unpack Google Docs and Slides while exploring Google-iPad workflows, including Google Classroom, to help you transform your teaching and make Drive the digital hub of your classroom. We’ll also dive in and explore the newest Google tools available, like Keep, Earth, Expeditions, Arts & Culture, and Photos and how these can help enhance and transform what you already do with students. iPad tips and tricks and other recommended apps will be shared throughout this workshop.

2 (5)

Google Apps and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Google Apps is the perfect tool kit to support implementation of the CCSS and next generation assessments. In this workshop, participants deep dive into how Apps can be used with students to support collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Activities and exercises for this workshop are anchored to the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) and Anchor Standards for Writing (ASW).


Geo Educators Workshop

Take your lessons around the world with this workshop designed to help connect students and teachers to place. Google offers a suite of Geo based tools that have the potential to change how teachers teach and students learn about their communities and the world as a whole. This one-day event will introduce and reinforce how Google Geo applications like My Maps, Tour Builder, and Street View and much more can be used to create powerful and engaging opportunities for students of all ages.


Curation to Creation – The Youtube Master’s Class

With 300 hrs of content uploaded every minute and more than 1 billion users, YouTube has become an invaluable addition to the classroom that cannot be ignored. This workshop will help you start curating and creating videos so you can start using right away. Let us walk you through the many ways you can use the site safely and effectively in your classroom.

In this workshop, you will have hands and practical activities that include:

  • Effectively search and find useful videos
  • Create, embed and share playlists
  • Explore privacy settings when uploading content
  • Tips and tricks on creating a channel for hosting your own content
  • Create a Channel that will host all of your classroom content, playlists and more
  • Edit your own original videos using the YouTube Editor
  • Create classroom content using Creative Commons videos
  • Embed videos and playlists in your Google Site

Stop worrying about how to use YouTube and start engaging your students with videos that will generate questions and wonder.


Create, Curate and Collaborate – Visible Thinking and Learning with Digital Portfolios

If we truly want to “transform” education, it is time we realize that we have at our disposal the digital tools necessary to gather very rich and valuable information about each individual student. All of the incredible learning that happens in the classroom can now be captured, curated and shared in an online student portfolio. If done correctly, digital portfolios should serve as a window into student thinking and understanding. In this day long workshop, you will learn the pedagogy behind effective and purposeful student portfolios. You will leave with a solid understanding of the best tools needed to gather, house and publish student work using G Suite for Education.


Exploring Inspiring Learning Spaces and the Maker Movement

In this learning space workshop, we’ll explore how the process of design can be used to create inspiring spaces that support student learning in a variety of ways. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and apply the basics of design to create physical and digital spaces for learning, while exploring the most interesting trends and directions in learning space design, including the development and implementation of makerspaces. Specifically, throughout the day, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Understand how the process of design is used to create human-centered learning spaces
  • Develop a learning space vocabulary that provides a foundation for learning space design
  • Explore strategies that can be used to create 21st Century classrooms that are a blend of physical and digital spaces
  • Investigate contemporary designs of library spaces and informal spaces for learning
  • Develop an understanding of how furniture, lighting, wall and floor finishes, and color are used to create flexible, agile and comfortable learning spaces
  • Explore the concept of a makerspace and learn how they are created to support the development of a maker culture
  • Explore the basics of maker tools
  • Build a comprehensive model of space design that integrates a wide variety of spaces to support student learning
  • Construct a personal design that makes use of the workshop principles to recreate or design a selected learning space

Blended Learning with Google Classroom

In this full-day workshop, participants are introduced to using Google Classroom (and integrated Google tools) to expand physical classroom spaces into virtual “always-on” student learning environments. Explore and learn how the core interactions of student to student, student to content, and student to teacher provide the fuel for personalized learning paths providing agency for students to control the pace, place, time and path of their learning.


Breakout EDU: Bring Gaming into the Classroom

This one day workshop will teach educators how to bring gaming into their classrooms using Breakout EDU.  Educators will begin the day by playing one of the Breakout EDU games. After the game, educators will debrief the experience. The middle of the day will be devoted to designing games for the classroom based on each educator’s curriculum. The day will conclude with a debrief and playing each other’s games.   Each session attendee will get their own Breakout EDU kit!

Breakout EDU is a platform for immersive learning games. Games (Breakouts) teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve.  The inspiration for Breakout EDU comes from the wildly popular “escape the room” games where players have a set amount of time to solve the puzzles and escape the room.  Rather than escaping the room, students have a set amount of time to solve curricular aligned puzzles to open the box. The platform has many free games as well as templates to help educators design their own!

Even More…

A wide variety of other workshops for educators can also be customized, including: Google Search, Google Chrome, Mobile Apps, Blogger, Google+, and more.