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Professional Learning Workshops

Workshops your staff will thank you for!

EdTechTeam Professional Learning Workshops are designed to support students, educators, administrators and IT staff in utilizing innovative digital resources and solid instructional practices to enhance student learning.

Our professional learning workshops are conveniently brought to your location and are available in half-day, full-day and multi-day formats. We partner with schools, districts and educational organizations to customize these workshops to the size and skill level of your audience. Our workshops are presented by a network of highly trained current and former classroom educators that are National Board Certified and hold extensive technology certifications such as Google Innovator, Google Trainer or Apple Distinguished Educator.

We support professional learning via our EdTechTeam Global Community and are committed to providing the highest quality professional learning experience that your educators will use and thank you for.

Contact our Senior Director, Teaching & Learning, Lisa Thumann at [email protected] to learn more about our available workshops and customize a plan that works for you or fill out our online request form below:

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Available Workshops

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With over a 175 workshops to choose from in our extensive workshop catalog, there is quite literally something for everyone. Our Senior Director, Teaching & Learning Learning, Lisa Thumann will guide you through this process to provide a customized mix that will meet the most complex of professional development needs. Be sure to take a look at our most requested and popular workshops at edtech.team/PDWorkshops.

Workshop of the Month:  Youtube in the Classroom

Video is a powerful medium for bringing relevant, engaging information to your classroom. YouTube allows our students to experience events, places, and people that might otherwise not be possible. Not only do we have the ability to consume content, we have an ever-increasing ease to create content as well. We can create content to supplement our teaching, offer remediation, and to allow students to show mastery of learning. This course will provide you with the foundational skills necessary to utilize existing video content as well as the skills needed to become a creator of content.

Workshop Outcomes
Participants will effectively use and responsibly access quality video content for their learning
Participants will create playlists of video content to use for each lesson
Participants will create high-quality video content as a means to demonstrate mastery
Participants will Understand the role video plays in education

Other Featured Google Edu Workshops

Admin Console Retreat
This workshop is perfect if you are about to adopt Google Apps or have been using it for awhile. First, we suggest you work with one of our Certified Administrators make sure set your GAFE domain is correctly set up with EDU best practices. Next, you invite all the folks in your district that will be managing your domain for this onsite workshop that includes an overview of the Google Apps Admin Console settings, deployment planning, security, compliance and so much more.Daix6KET

Google for Education Leaders Workshop
This one-day experience for district leaders is designed to inform, inspire, and empower educational leaders. Make the most of the free tools Google offers educational institutions. Understand the Google Apps suite, and how your support staff can manage student and teacher accounts. Be prepared to make decisions regarding the benefits and limitations of Chromebooks and Nexus devices. Learn which tools in the Google Apps Marketplace, the Chrome Web store, and Google Drive might best benefit your organization. This session also includes a segment focused on maximizing productivity with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, along with more time-saving collaborative tools.

Train the Trainers Workshop
Finally, create a cohort of train-the-trainers! EdTechTeam will arrange for one of their Global Summit keynote/featured speakers who is a Google Certified Trainer to work with your designated team of educators on using the Google Apps Suite to improve teaching and learning.

Ready to get even more Googley?

Now that the basics are covered you’re probably wondering what’s next? We have an extensive catalog of interactive and empowering workshops led by our Certified Google Trainers and Innovators that are designed to take it to the next level. Here are some of our most requested and popular workshops for the post-adoption environment:

All professional development events are coordinated by Dr. Mark WagnerMichael Wacker, Lisa Thumann, and Kate Petty with assistance from our core team and extended team of over 100 dynamic and inspiring experts globally.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in hosting EdTechTeam custom professional development (or engaging our team as consultants or organizational change coaches), please fill out the online request form below. This form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review.

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