School Change

School change is never easy, and there is no “right” answer to the complex cultural and organizational challenges ahead.

At EdTechTeam, we believe meaningful school change requires a focus on Student Agency supported by Courageous Leadership, Empowered Teachers, Inspiring Spaces, Engaged Community, and Robust Infrastructure. Our experts can help your organization build capacity in each of these supporting elements.


Our aim is to inspire and empower educators — to raise their awareness of what’s possible, get them excited about their own vision, and help them feel confident that they can take the steps necessary to fulfill their goals. And this is only the beginning: EdTechTeam engages with schools as an active and responsive partner in long-term change initiatives.

EdTechTeam is a California Benefit corporation (and global network of educational technologists) founded by educators passionate about improving the world’s schools using the best learning principles and technology available. We hope we’ll have the opportunity to work with you and your district.

A Message from Mark:

I was at the White House for the announcement of the National Educational Technology Plan and the next phase of support for Future Ready Leaders. I’ve seen what this new vocabulary for talking about school change has done to bring a diverse coalition of change agents together — and I know more is needed to help schools achieve the best of their visions. Our team is here to help, and we hope you’ll reach out.


Mark Wagner

Chief Executive Officer

EdTechTeam School Change Launch Kit

  • Become the courageous leader your schools need. This full-day institute is facilitated by experienced leaders who have successfully led change initiatives in schools. Learn how to empower teachers and engage community so everyone is focused on student agency. Discover how to create an environment full of inspiring learning spaces – and robust infrastructure. It can be done, and has been done. Find out which approaches might be best for you and your team.

    Courageous Leaders are connected, collaborative, and visionary risk takers who support initiative and innovation in others.

  • Keep your district on the cutting edge. This full-day retreat is facilitated by experienced technology leaders who have successfully managed infrastructure transitions in schools. Participants are exposed to best practices for technology selection, implementation, maintenance, and policy in schools. The experience includes time for hands-on coaching, and an introduction to online communities where help can be found following the event. Learn to remove barriers to better serve the educators and students in your schools.

    Robust Infrastructure is the technology, networks, hardware, and other resources (including policy) that makes deeper experiences possible… without detracting from the learning.

  • Your schools shouldn’t look or feel like ordinary schools. This full-day design charrette is an opportunity for your team to develop an understanding of how the spaces in your schools impact learning. The design process will help you identify insights, patterns and trends associated with your learning spaces, and then pivot to develop actionable strategies for improving those spaces. The experience is facilitated by a professional learning space designer and includes the opportunity to understand how design works and can support organizational change. Over the course of the charrette, participants will engage in a variety of ethnographic activities and design challenges that will illuminate their wants and beliefs associated with learning and space. The day also includes exposure to thought provoking examples of modern learning spaces that both educators and students will love.

    Inspiring Spaces are comfortable, beautiful, and flexible environments that invite students to learn by engaging their curiosity, wonder, and natural physical energy.

  • With a community involved, the demand for school change isn’t going away. This evening event (usually including dinner) is an opportunity to bring community members together, celebrate progress in a school (or district), and collaborate on a shared vision. An experienced educational leader acts as master of ceremonies, and helps to engage parents, local businesses, and other community members in supporting school change they all value.

    Engaged Community members understand what is possible in schools today, are included in the school vision, and are active in partnerships with the school.

  • There is no better way to change a school than to involve students in driving that change. This full-day conference-like experience for students is facilitated by a team of outside experts – and by teachers and students in your own district who are already leading the way. Other teachers participate alongside students, who learn the tools (and new learning methods) that their teachers will now expect them to use. Students and teachers are co-creators of the school’s future. And when students are involved in professional development, it’s impossible for teachers to go back to the old way of doing things.

    Student Agency is a focus on helping students find, organize, and use information… to create, collaborate, and share in ways that are meaningful to them – and to others in the outside world.

  • To complete the Launch Kit, EdTechTeam provides 10 Professional Development Units (equal to one trainer for one day) for you to use in a flexible way to meet the needs of your teachers. These PDUs can be spent on 10 separate workshops, on a single large conference-style summit for your district, or on a variety of online learning opportunities. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and how we might best be able to help support your journey toward being Future Ready.

    Empowered Teachers are passionate educators with the tools, professional development, and time to create engaging experiences for students.