Learning Space Design Studio

We Help Schools Design Compelling Spaces for Learning

Learning can now occur anytime, with anyone, with a wide variety of technology, and in a variety of locations.  This new learning landscape directly challenges the notion of “classroom” and suggests that new learning spaces are required to meet the needs of today’s learners and the learning opportunities before them.  This represents an extraordinary opportunity to rethink how the spaces of schools serve learners and create the conditions for learning in future ready schools.


The Studio

The EdTechTeam Learning Space Studio supports schools in the redesign of school learning spaces.  Specifically, we can assist schools and educational organizations with preparing for spatial change and with the design, implementation (including professional development), and evaluation of physical and digital spaces for learning.  The Studio does so by linking decades of classroom, administrative, and educational technology experience together with formal design experience to create compelling learning space solutions.

The Studio Services

The Learning Space Design Studio provides a range of scalable services that can address the creation of new learning spaces:

Preparing for Space Change

Creating new spaces requires first understanding what you have and where you want to go.  The Studio can help by providing:

  • Visioning and Planning Services
  • Learning Space Inventories
  • Student Design Camps
  • Planning for Prototypes or Pilot Programs
  • Partnering Services for Your School Architect

Creating Compelling Spaces

Your spaces have tremendous potential.  We can help you you realize that potential by creating spatial strategies that align your spaces with your vision and the expectations that you have for student learning:

  • Developing Strategies for the Redesign of Classroom, Library, and Informal Spaces
  • Creating Furnishing and Finishes Plans for Learning Spaces
  • Designing and Implementing Makerspaces
  • Creating Digital Spaces for Learning
  • Creating Learning Spaces that Support 1:1 Technology Initiatives

Using and Evaluating New Spaces

We help your organization develop the capacity to use and improve your new spaces. We can:

  • Create and Provide Professional Learning Experiences for Learning Spaces
  • Perform Post-Occupancy Studies to Assess Performance for Continual Improvement

Getting Started

If you’re interested in having the EdTechTeam Studio help you rethink your learning spaces, fill out the online request form below. This form will collect all the information we need to generate a draft proposal for your review.