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The importance of Student Agency.

At EdTechTeam we believe Student Agency is a crucial aspect of meaningful school change. Through Schoolwide GrantsStudent Summits and more, we have worked with schools and educators from around the world to further Student Agency in their classrooms and beyond.

 What are Student Summits?

Student Summits are immersive educational events for students of all ages. During a Summit, students work with world-class educators learning how to utilize technology in the classroom. Scheduled for a full day or entire week, Students Summits expose students and teachers to authentic educational technology experiences.

The content of a Student Summit.

Content for the event can be customized to match the needs of your students. Two possible strands focus on the Google Apps for Education or STEAM focused sessions. These topics are flexible and interchanged depending on the audience.

The Google Apps GuidebookThe Google Apps Strand is based on the lessons, projects, and activities of the Google Apps Guidebook, students will learn numerous aspects of the Google Apps toolset in fun and engaging lessons. The 

The STEAM Summit focuses on creation! From animating to coding to robotics and 3D Printing, students experience hands on lessons writing programs, animating stories and printing custom built objects!

Event Models

Model One: Mentor Coaching Model

Utilizing a shoulder to shoulder co-teaching model our team will work side by side during a “class period” modeling a lesson and activity that leverage technology and aligns with age and grade level expectations and behaviors. This model allows the teachers to experience successful technology integration, while students learn with them.

Example: Foothill Knolls (500 students) Sample Schedule of the Day

Model Two: Maker/STEAM Camp

We will bring additional equipment to work with students creating a ‘Makerspace’ right in your school! 3D Printers, robotics, coding and more. When the event is over, the equipment, (and learning how to use it) stays right in the school with your students and teachers!

Example: STEAM Maker Camp

Model Three: Google Apps Student Certification

An alternative would be for our staff to work with your students helping them create sessions to teach other students. This works best when select older students are training younger students. We work with them helping them develop the teaching skills in the process. The students learn by teaching.

Example: Dallastown, Pennsylvania Student Summit

Model Four: Student Agency Custom Summit

EdTechTeam produces a full day of inspiring topics, sessions, and inspirational keynotes. Students empowered to choose sessions based on topics of interest are able to engage and participate in an event similar to a teacher summit, but with topics that interest them.

Example: Black Gold Regional School District (150 students) Sample Schedule

The summit for students functioned in the same way as the Google summit for teachers. We had amazing presenters, from topics such as Minecraft, creating animations with Google Drawings, photo editing, sessions specifically for teachers, etc.” -Darren Maltais (Black Gold Regional School District)

The components of a Student Summit include but are not limited to:

  • Google Apps for Education lessons at all grade levels.
  • Students creation and management of digital portfolios.
  • Creating a Student Tech Team.
  • Coding lessons for students.
  • Educational uses of Minecraft in the classroom.
  • 3D Printing lessons for a variety of subjects and ages.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in more information about a student related event, please complete the form below.

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