Success Stories

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What are teachers saying about our Events?

"The amount of tools and strategies I gained has restored my tired heart in a year when everything has seemed to drain me. This did not drain me, but it inspired me to finish this semester strong and gave me new ideas to implement into next semester."

- Juliana

Becoming - Fall 2020 Conference Attendee

"There was a large amount of awesome resources and ideas for use within the classroom and school environment. I plan to share many of them with teachers in my own district. This conference truly spoke to the "whole educator" and for that I am thankful!"


Untamed Learning Virtual Event 2021

"I started this training very nervous and worried about the upcoming school year. I was very overwhelmed with the idea of so many ways to potentially reach my students. After going through this training I feel like I have more than enough knowledge to provide a happy, engaging, empowering, and fun learning environment without being face to face with my kiddos. Thank you!"

- Amy

Becoming - July 2020 Conference Attendee

"Learning many Google tools was useful to bring back to my district. It also gave us the opportunity to share experiences within sessions, so we could learn from each other!"

- Laura

Spring Virtual Conference 2020

"I was blown away with the resources shared. I am energized to try some new things with my students this week. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire my students."


Untamed Learning Virtual Event 2021

What are Instructional Coaches saying about EdTechTeam?

"I have found this to be the most valuable professional development I have had in 22 years of teaching. This was better than any district offerings this year in terms of my own teaching and implementation of more engaging learning for my students"

"The biggest strength is the power that comes not only from having the coach in my building but for that coach to have access to other DLP coaches and mentors to bring real and relevant tools to individual teachers in their classrooms."

-Current Instructional Coach Principal

"[Dynamic Learning Project] has changed the culture in this building - what teachers are willing to learn, to try, and to share. DLP is fostering the environment where they have a growing sense of comfort to try new things."

-Michael, Principal

"The highlight is that everything I learned there I can also use to share with my teachers and 'coach' them on how to engage their students."

-Ilse, Instructional Coach

Untamed Learning Virtual Event 2021

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What Educators think of EdTechTeam Online

"Very valuable content that I can implement immediately in my classroom. The course time was manageable, well organized, and extremely worth my time."

This course was informative, it made me think through what I was doing well and what I could improve. There were some new parts of the Google classroom that I have learned about which will enhance the teaching that I do! Thank you.


Just In Time Course, Paperless Classroom

The requirements for the site encouraged me to think of more interesting ways of presenting my class information to students. I believe it has greatly enhanced the aesthetics of the kind of site I would have made without taking this class. I would have never thought to have included additional math resources (outside of what our district and school provide) had it not been for the lesson on embedding things. Thank you!


Just In Time Course, Google Sites

"Wow!! Considering I already use Google Classroom, I still learned A TON (wayyyyy more than I had anticipated)--thank you for so many tips and tricks that I can turn around and use in my classroom right away. GREAT course!!!"



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