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Jay Atwood

Jay is the EdTechTeam Regional Director for India, Middle East, Africa & Asia. He brings more than 20 years of experience teaching, developing curriculum and assessment and training teachers in local, government and international schools. His current hedgehog is helping teachers develop as workshop presenters. Most recently he worked at Singapore American School as the High School Educational Technology Coordinator–where he was responsible for leading ed tech planning, professional learning, and technology integration. He’s a Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified¬†Trainer, a Coach and Lead Learner at Google Teacher Academies and Innovator Academies in Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the US, an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified Educator. With a passion for training teachers in the effective use of technology married with contemporary pedagogy. Jay is a self-proclaimed nerdy teacher and has worked at international schools in Egypt, Taiwan and Singapore and has served as an educational consultant for schools in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Previously, Jay was a Deputy Chief Examiner for IB Psychology with a strong background in teacher and examiner training, curriculum development, assessment and online learning.

Jay Atwood Regional Director, IMEAA (India, Middle East, Africa & Asia)