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Select public workshops produced by EdTechTeam appear below. These resources are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Attribution is reserved by EdTechTeam, Inc. More information on this license can be found here


January 2015

2015-01-05 Ceres Unified School District Workshop

2015-01-06 Petaluma City Schools Google Education Workshops

2015-01-07 LAUSD Chromebooks Workshop

2015-01-09 Napa Valley Pre-Institute GET Authorized Bootcamp

2015-01-09 Napa Valley Pre-Institute Admin Console Technical Retreat

2015-01-16 Henry Hudson Regional Google in Education Workshops

2015-01-20 Mill Valley School District Keynote & iPad Training Workshop

2015-01-23 Las Vegas Pre-Summit Admin Console Technical Retreat

2015-01-23 Las Vegas Pre-Summit GET Authorized Bootcamp

2015-01-23 Las Vegas Pre-Summit Google for Educational Leaders

2015-01-29-31 Arizona Marketing Educators

2015-01-30 Southern Pre-Summit GET Authorized Bootcamp

2015-01-30 Southern Pre-Summit Admin Console Technical Retreat

2015-01-30 Southern Pre-Summit Google for Educational Leaders

2015-01-30 Southern Pre-Summit Google Educator Workshop

2015-01-30 Edu Tek Keynote

2015-01-30 Thunder Bay Workshops

February 2015

2015-02-27 Rhode Island Pre-Summit GET Authorized Bootcamp

2015-02-27 Rhode Island Pre-Summit Admin Console Technical Retreat 

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Google in Education Summits

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