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Select past public workshops produced by EdTechTeam appear below. This page is updated monthly. For a more frequently updated list of current workshops, visit https://sites.google.com/edtechteam.com/teachingandlearning.

These resources are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Attribution is reserved by EdTechTeam, Inc. More information on this license can be found here.


2017 Upcoming Workshops


2017-01-04 Julian Charter School Custom Summit

2017-01-04 Community Outreach Academy GEW

2017-01-10 through 12 Woodland SD 50 GEW

2017-01-16 Benicia USD Workshop

2017-01-20 Temple, TX Student Summit

2017-01-24 & 25 Southern Westchester BOCES GEW

2017-01-28 & 29 Irvine USD Custom Summit

2017-01-31 Joussard, Alberta GEW



2017-02-06 Kobe Student Summit (IMEAA)

2017-02-06 New Day Academy Youtube Workshop

2017-02-07 San Jose Union SD Workshop

2017-02-13 Northgate High School GEW

2017-02-16 Santa Maria-Bonita SD IWB PD

2017-02-17 St. John Paul the Great GEW

2017-02-21 & 22 Alberta Conference SDA Custom Summit (CAD)

2017-02-23 & 24 Bangalore Custom iPad Workshop (IMEAA)



2017-03-01 Southern Kern USD GEW

2017-03-01 through 03 Paul W. Kaeser HS Custom Summits (CAD)

2017-03-07 Lompoc GEW

2017-03-11 Gateway Community Charters – Kim Randall

2017-03-11 Gateway Community Charters – Delaine Johnson

2017-03-11 San Diego USD Custom Summit

2017-03-13 South Lindhurst High School GEW

2017-03-20 & 21 ERLC Custom Summit (CAD)

2017-03-20 Teaneck PS GEW

2017-03-20 Teaneck PS GEW for ESL

2017-03-20 Teaneck PS GEW for MS LA Teachers

2017-03-24 Harrison School District Workshop – iPad Edu: Teaching and Learning Workshop Grades K-5

2017-03-24 Harrison School District Workshop – Project Based Learning Grades 6-8

2017-03-29 Texthelp PD in KY

2017-03-31 Kamehameha Schools Speakers



2017-04-07 Wilson ES Student Event

2017-04-13 Fischer Catholic School Custom PD Workshop – Katie Christie

2017-04-13 Fischer Catholic School Custom PD Workshop – Rushton Hurley

2017-04-17 Community Outreach Academy GEW – Molly Bennett

2017-04-17 Community Outreach Academy GEW – Chris Bell

2017-04-21 Stratford Academy Workshop

2017-04-25 Lompoc GEW

2017-04-26 Raskob Day School GEW



2017-05-05 & 06 Peace Wapiti Custom Summit (CAD)

2017-05-06 Victor Valley Union High SD Connected Summit Event

2017-05-12 Delaware Custom Student Summit



2017-06-02 Elmwood Park CUSD #401 GAFE for Education Leaders



2017-07-19 Olathe Public Schools Workshop

2017-07-25 & 26 Google in Education Sessions Workshop



2017-08-07 School District of Mishicot Teacher Leaders



2017-11-09 Guadalupe Union School District Workshops


Google in Education Summits

Click through to any Google in Education Summits produced by the EdTechTeam and click on the resources page for much more!

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